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Fishing off of one of these beauties would be a dream come true.  I’ve fished off the shore.  I’ve cast my line from a dinky dingy.  And a  small charter boat has even seen the likes of me.  Heck! I’ve even reeled in a flounder that made it to the kitchen table. But this would be the ultimate fishing adventure for this girl.

This week’s photo challenge – ADVENTURE.


For now, I’ll just keep on dreaming…

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  1. NEVER too old for new dreams and goals! Awesome! Great photo. I’ve never fished with a hook. Only with a hot dog tied to the fishing line so I could watch the fish nibble and say, “Aren’t they cute?” Not much of an adventure…..

  2. Beautiful pictures Gemma. Have you considered stowing away on one ? Maybe apply as a deck hand or a cook? If those aren’t options just ask the captain if you can ride along. Tell him your doing research for a book, they usually give in to that. 😉

    • With my back, deck hand would be a joke. With my cooking skills, a cook would be – ah – a joke. 😀
      I like the book/research idea a lot, though. That’s as close as I’m gonna get to being an author! LOL

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