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A visit from family. A trip to the Philadelphia Zoo. A fabulous, warm, autumn day. And a chocolate ice cream cone. These all made for an incredibly fun Saturday.
The bears have their own waterfall. If it were me living there, I’d be frolicking in that pool. It was toasty yesterday.
A look at the bear’s digs from the other side of the glass.

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32 thoughts on “CEE’S BLACK AND WHITE PHOTO CHALLENGE – WATER – From a Drop to an Ocean

  1. Ha! my American geography or lack thereof >>> I had no idea you’re near Philadelphia, had to get a google map up and have a good stare – and you’ve got a Bridgewater too, tho spelt incorrectly – I wonder if the original settlers were from there, down on the Somerset Levels? And Hackensack, as in Brewster’s Millions – well you can see what a cultured chap I am! Glad you had a good hot day – and good to see the mono! ATP xxx

      • Well, Dear Bud (by the way, do you have Buddesses?) its like this – small point, but ours’ is the original spelling because we were there first, I suppose we’re kind of The Mother Ship, tho seeing myself in that light is hardly flattering. All of which is deeply satisfying to write, dang that feels good! (oh god, I’m going all Yank again!), but I was going to add (just to calm you down) that actually we have Bridgewaters here too – but google can’t find any, so my road to peaceful coexistence is endangered ….

      • Well, thinking about it, something I try never to do too much, maybe your Bridgewater was a name thought up ATP and nothing to do with here at all – so maybe we’re both right, although I may be righter … And while I think of it, looking at the google map of chez toi, my but you live in a very populated piece of this planet. I’ve heard of the vast size of some American cities and I honestly find it difficult to imagine places that big. I always say that England is in fact two countries – London and The Rest – and I find London far too big and tiring – but its small compared to some of your conurbations. Think I’ll stick to the Levels …

  2. It makes such an interesting photo, Gem. Kinda like it’s done in sections and you can flip each to make a different picture. Do you know what I mean? 🙂 I like it!

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