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Follow the sign to the mellow, yellow walk in the park.  A relaxing stroll to recharge the soul. This is autumn in Knight Park, right around the corner from our house.  Not too shabby. 😉
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28 thoughts on “CEE’S WHICH WAY PHOTO CHALLENGE 2014 – #16

  1. Not shabby AT ALL. Mellow yellow is my favorite color. Those leaves even make the air look yellow. It’s like walking around inside the sun. That last picture is magical.

  2. Good pictures, Gem. I really like the second one down, those great, dark trunks really are something against all that colour (incl the blue of the sky), but I’d reduce the brightness of that path half way down the right side of the frame, as it keeps dragging my eyes away from the wonderful rest of the shot. I like the third picture down too, but there’s a picture within a picture here – the combination of the wonderfully coloured leaves and the grey-black tarmac is something else, and you could present this image as just the bottom half or third of the whole frame. Good stuff! Autumn is here too, but this weekend we have air coming up all the way up from The Azores, so we’re basking in very unseasonal temperatures. Hope you’re fine! Adrian

      • As always with your YankSpeak, I like “punky” … a simple lad, easy to please … All you need to do is reduce the brightness of that footpath – some localised editing, in Nik products it would be simple but I know you’re not using Nik. And start with the other picture by cropping to retain just the lower half of it, and then progressively reduce the size of the part of the photo that you’re retaining and see what you think. May the best of fortune attend your efforts, Ma’am! ATP xxx

  3. The last photo really grabbed me because of that wonderful orange tree – and I like all the leaves on the ground around the sign – and with the other two – well in my humble opinion – I do not think any editing was needed (I read the nice comment from above) – but I know that you pros see things differently – but I found that all that shadow and darkness int he front gave a sense of quiet and almost a breather and kept us looking out into the sunlight on the path – as opposed to being in the full sun (if that makes sense)
    I also felt like the 2nd one leads you to the 3rd one – like visually it widens a little as you scroll the screen – and then the 3rd has extra sidewalk coming at ya -inviting us to come in and see “which way”

    • Well, let tell you I’m no pro! Just about 99.9% of my photos are done on my iphone, which I love, and I edit with free apps. 😉
      Adrian is my new found and dear friend from ‘across the pond’ and he is the pro ( and a bit of a mentor). I do value his opinion, but i just as much value yours. So i thank you immensely. For being so attentive and observant and for taking the time to point these things out. I really must go look at these pix again now. 🙂

      • Hi – and wel, i was just chatting with another blog friend about how there are just times when we have to make the call. Because the pros may see things that make it more technically aesthetic while other times the unedited or raw shot gives us something more artsy aesthetic – so both are god – right?

  4. Those are beautiful photos! Fall doesn’t look like that in Arizona. If we search hard, we might find a smattering of trees with orange/red leaves, but that’s about it 🙂

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