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It was late, but I wasn’t ready to sleep. I walked out on the deck of the shore house, with what little was left of my wine. There was a chill in the air, off the ocean. A pleasant chill. I sat and sighed. I had been tired all day. My eyes caught the refraction of my neighbor’s garage light through the crimson, red torch in front of me. “No use lighting it,” I told my self. Too much of a breeze.

It had been a strange day.

Earlier, Jeff and I sat in a book store, one of my favorite pastimes, and I had picked up a magazine with Robin Williams on the cover. I thought I was interested. I really enjoyed him when he was alive. In death, it made me too sad. I put the magazine down. I couldn’t read it all.

Returning home, we stopped at the library. I had heard about The Book Thief, so I went in and requested that. (I couldn’t find the book on the shelf, but someone, not me, was smart enough to say, “look on the return rack”. And there it was. I was wearing a t-shirt that had John Lennon plastered across the front. (I see a theme here.) The librarian nodded toward my chest ( I must say I was taken aback! – Aback? That is a word, right?)

“Are you a fan?” he asked.

Of course my reply was yes.

He asked, “Of John or the Beatles in general?”

“Both,” I replied

“Have you ever seen Martin Scorcece’s ‘Living in the Material World?’ It’s great. About George Harrison.”

Long story short, he retrieved it for me. Jeff and I watched it. It was great.

So after Robin, and George, and wearing my Lennon t-shirt I sat on the deck and stared at the crimson red torch. I looked up at the sky. My tears intensified the tinkle in the stars.

I breathed in the cool air and whispered, “I hope you’re having a better day today, mom.”

SIDEBAR: A dear friend of mine posted the words to this song by Bette Midler. Yesterday was a strange day.

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  1. Escaping from the bad days is smart. And good. It doesn’t change much, but gives you a break and provides some peace in the midst of it all. Don’t let yourself forget to take the break and feel the peace. Live in it while it lasts. Tomorrow is another day. xo

  2. That’s a tear jerker from Bette! I don’t have any of her stuff but she’s pretty amazing. I hope mom did have a better day, Gem. Still some good ones alongside the bad?
    It’s a beautiful peaceful photo. I can just imagine you sitting there. After a better day 🙂 🙂 Hugs, darlin’.
    I hope you like The Book thief. I did.

  3. Sounds like you had a very nostalgic day, Gemma. The image is really quite sombre, and probably reflected your mood. I hope your mom is having a better day today. My mom’s also not doing very well. The words of the Bette Midler song are very sad, but I do love her voice. 🙂 *hugs*

  4. Love the Beatles…did you see the Abbey Road LP cover photos are up for sale…only 6 photos taken in the shoot. Also enjoyed the Book Thief, although from memory the setting and subject was a bit grim

    • Yes. I read that the fifth picture taken was the one that was used because they were out of step in the other five pictures. Hadn’t heard about the cover photos going on sale. I do use the photo for my home screen on my iPhone. I’m a little obsessed. 😄

    • Sorry, Colline. Didnt want to make anyobe feel poorly. Just had this ramblung around in my head as i sat there and it eiukdnt go away. I figured if i got it down in black and white i could relax. xxx

  5. Love this post. And don’t apologize for causing tears with us – it helps to know we are not alone in our struggles. We all have them but we also often feel alone in them. I am also dealing with aging parents which is hard – but I am also dealing with a prodigal adult child who recently moved back in with us. Finding joy in each day is critical to our sanity. Your post- even tho it produced tears, also produced hope and joy. So thank you for sharing your experience. 🙂

    • Thank YOU, Sue. They say if you have a song stuck in your head that if you sing it all the way to the end it will go away. Well that’s kind of like what this post was about. I had all the stuff in my head and I needed it to go away. Or at least ease up. Again thank you for being so sweet and good luck with your parents and your son and with finding joy in every day. ☮ ❤️

  6. well i did not have tears like Colline – but I was moved by the end of the post – and the song was excellent – it all fit so well – ❤ great take on the wpc

  7. Well, what can I say? On the one hand its a superb and very effective post >>> but all of that is dwarfed into irrelevance by hearing your story, by hearing you pouring your heart out, I guess. I’m very glad the song meant so much to you; I have to say that it knocks me flat – and having time to pass this morning, I found myself in a pink painted café called The Duchess of Totterdown, being completely unable to resist the advances of a Full English – >>> but also having an old and obviously lonely lady trying to make conversation with me. I did converse with her but I think I could have done better – a lesson learned maybe. Look after yourself, my dear friend. xxx

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