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I took the advice a blogger friend and embarked on a head-clearing walk.  A rather poor night’s sleep does not do wonders for the spirit, so I thought a walk would help.

And speaking of spirits – ok. Bad segue.  I know. –  I’m noticing that the Halloween Spirit, is becoming a Hollywood Production anymore. Remember when we hung cardboard pumpkins, cats, and witches in the window? Maybe a real pumpkin or two got placed on the lawn or carved and placed in the window with a candle that melted it’s insides. Now the following pix are not extraordinary, but we had nothing like this when I was a kid. 

I present, my Halloween creepy, oddball captures…
Now at my house things are a little more subdued.


Whatever your choice of Halloween decor, pick your poison and have a happy and safe day and night.image


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  1. There is no doubt that Mom’s arms would get tired in that neighborhood. I would for-sure turn to stone with fear and she would have to carry me past all those scary guys or we’d never make it home to enjoy our own peace and quiet.

    Love and licks and yikes,

    • When I was walking, I saw a boy and his mom – him being maybe 4 – riding bikes. He stopped when he got to the skeleton hanging in the tree, his mouth was wide open and his eyes were popping out of his head. It had it’s effect! 😱💀👻😩

  2. Yes, everything is a production these days – which of course creates mega opportunities for the retail sector. No wish to cause offence here at all, as I am of course commenting on a US blog, but we’ve seen the Americanisation of Halloween – and hence the Hollywoodisation you’re talking about. Halloween has two sides. For Pagans its the time when the divide between Life and Death – the veil maybe – is thinnest, so that this is the time to honour and maybe to communicate with “The Dead”, the ancestors – there are ceremonies to invite them into the home, doors are left open, food is laid for them, etc.

    But for most people here it was just a ghostly night – it was just a night that was talked about, a lot like the longest and shortest days of the year are talked about >>> until the advent of Trick Or Treating, I don’t know, about 10 or 15 years ago, which had the police out and a lot of fear and disturbance, especially for old people. We had eggs thrown at our windows, and the top of one gatepost torn off. Now its mainly little kids in costumes that are obtainable in every supermarket – and so hence the retail thing here too – mind you, the UK’s year is just a procession of retail opportunities – which become very boring over time ie as I become older! Anyway, we hope that Halloween will remain subdued – so we only have to buy chocs and sweets to give the little kids. A

    • I’m all about talking to the dead. I knew a few dead people I wasn’t done with. No lie! And as far as Hollywood Productions? All holidays have gone the way of commercialism. Boo! As the halloweeners say!!

  3. The more subdued, the better. In fact, we take subdued to a new level and completely ignore this “holiday”. Also, Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, 4th of July…, what else?

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