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OK.  Who parks like this?  Just sayin’…

handicapped parking

NO!  Not me!!!
And what’s this doing on my windshield?!


ICK! and YUCK!
And why isn’t this in my driveway?!

Maserati at the mall.

Maserati at the mall.

There’s a bow on it!  Hey!  Wait!  Maybe it WILL be in my driveway!

Yeah.  Right.  And the check’s in the mail.


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odd ball icon



    • That might be the down payment. $6,500 down and $1,300 a month! Who can afford that? Not me, that’s for sure. I’ll stick with my VW Bug (love of my life) and the bug on the windshield? I don’t know but I wasn’t getting out of the car til I hit the wipers!
      Thanks for your continued loyalty. 🙂 (Sometimes I feel like we’re texting. HeeHee)

  1. Ha ha! That could have easily been my Mom-in-law in that car. Thankfully she gave her keys to the three sons two years ago! You have a stink bug on your window in December? Why am I shocked?.. we have ladybug imposters still showing up on warm-ish days. I have had 5 VW Bugs, your Bug sounds cool! Also I love your use of “toots”.. my best gal pal from grade school.. we have called each other “toots” for years! I enjoyed your Odd Ball Challenge this morning!

  2. So pleased to see drivers in other countries do this. We watch someone trying to parallel park a while back, it is reasonably easy to accomplish. However, this driver, driving a small car, finished up with his/her rear wheel on the nature strip. There was room to park a “semi-trailer” (18 wheeler) so to speak.

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