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What is your preferred hot drink: coffee, tea, water, hot chocolate, or other?





What was your favorite toy as a child . . . and now?

Tiny Tears.   I played with her til her arm broke off. Then I cried for a long time. She was real to me.

And now? I’d have to say my iphone and ipad, my pens and sketch pads. Not necessarily in that order.
Candy factories of the entire world have become one and will now be making only one kind of candy. Which kind, if you were calling the shots?

I’m with Cee.  Dark chocolate.  Preferably stuffed into an M&M shell

Would you want $100,000 right now or $120,000 in a year (tax Free)?

$100,000 NOW.  I could use the money at present.


Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

I am struggled with gratitude this week, I’m ashamed to say.  But I’m not giving up. I just need to regroup, adjust my thinking, keep calm, and carry on.

Join in on the sharing of your world.  I’m interested in hearing what’s up with you.  Click on Cee’s icon below and start sharing.


29 thoughts on “SHARE YOUR WORLD – 2014 WEEK 49

  1. There are five drinks I love: coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee and red wine! I would say of the two red wine is my favorite but I can’t start the day without coffee and the red wine is optional in the evening.

  2. Tiny Tears is awesome, but she’s no iPad. Finding something to be grateful for is most important when it’s the most difficult to do. Like now. Be grateful for strength. You have lots of that. xo

  3. My sister had a Tiny Tears doll. I’m sure she probably destroyed hers too. 😀 I’m thinking of getting a sketch pad. Will you teach me to draw? One drink I could really live without, is coffee, but I do love the smell. Give me green tea any day. I’m not even thinking about the money if it’s not going to happen. 😕

  4. Hey Ho! Preferred hot drink.. white chocolate mocha from Starbucks. I’m not sure there is a drop of coffee in it.
    Favorite toy as a child.. plastic horses with trailers and fencing and barns. Now..iPhone. Camera? iPhone? Camera? iPhone!
    Candy.. 5th Avenue!
    100 thousand right now.
    Grateful last week for finally getting to have a glass of wine after the kidney stone blaster.
    Looking forward to our family Christmas Sunday… noBODY should bring the flu!

    Thank you for letting me play in your comments.. 🙂

    • You’re hot drink sounds hot good! and so do your toys and your candy bar. I’m glad things went well and you’re back to sipping a bit of the vino. Horses? Trailers? Fencing? Barns? My dream. 🙂 Thanks for playing along, UtO

  5. Coffee here too. And dark chocolate M&Ms – I think we should go get some! Something small to be grateful for? 🙂 I hear you tho- hard to find gratitude in the middle of the storm. I guess that’s why the apostles were so freaked out when Jesus slept thru the storm and they thought they were going to sink. It helps me to remember he is in the boat with me tho. Hang on – you aren’t alone!

  6. Ok, Ok, no one expects The Inquisition! – apologies, Brit joke … and being a Brit, tea is the drink, tho many of us do otherwise now. Favourite toy? Toy soldiers, tanks, armoured cars, warplanes – I’d stage huge battles, must have been a militaristic SOB! 🙂 And now? My eyes, mind and words maybe.

    Candy – dark chocolate, not too bitter, with almonds in it. But I’m not a sweet person, anyway you look at it. And oh yes, I’ll take the money now – gimme, gimme, gimme!

    We are in a down period at present, as you know, so the gratefuls …. feeling I’m regaining a little of my 40 years ago form at table tennis – topspin and smashes! And the week to come – hoping we can at very long last be rid of the workmen at our house! A

    • Almonds! YES! I forgot to include those. Put a smile on your (sweet) face and a song of gratitude in your heart and it will all start looking up. (I’ll work on it too). Keep calm and smash on! 😄

  7. I know you made me smile last week with some of your comments and I know I’m probably not the only one. So you can easily you made someone smile last week. That’s a lot of gratitude in my book. Thanks for sharing.

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