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The most cheerful of colors – YELLOW.

WordPress challenge this week.  Very cheery.  Very warm.  Very mellow.  Yellow.


See.  Even the background balloon is telling you to have a Happy Day.  And how do you do that without YELLOW?

wordpress 2014

Click on the icon for more on YELLOW.



  1. Love this challenge sis the Indian sign is awesome!!! & the sun flower beautiful. Those balloons look familiar too. Keep up the good work. ♡

    • I wish you could’ve seen the balloon. That really would’ve made you smile! Thanks for stopping by, Lisa. I know the Internet in Ecuador is a little sketchy and it takes a while for things to load.😍 I appreciate the effort and the visit.

  2. You’ve said it Gemma 🙂 warm cheery mellow all jumped out at me …
    Love your sunflower – a great big face of happiness !

  3. Hi G – well the down view of the sunflower was my first like – but then I saw all the fuzzzzzzz – very clear shot and one of the prettiest flower shots I have seen all month.
    second, my father LOVED the Indian motorcycles so that was a personal fav. They once had the Indian motorcycle on a stamp and I bought some and he loved them.

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