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Warmth.  The unconditional love of a dog.

This is Rocky.  He’s 11 years old.  We think he’s a love, but if you came to our front door, you might not agree.  He’s very protective, to say the least. But he is also very devoted, caring, and VERY sweet – once you get to know him.  😉


Rocky is literally a junk yard dog.  We found him in Camden, NJ, yes, in a junk yard.  His dad was a giant of a dog, and very laid back.  His mom, not so much.  I don’t know if she was upset because someone was ogling her babies, or if she was just plain ornery, but she had one unpleasant disposition.  But Rocky was fluffy and little and cute and covered in ticks!  But that didn’t matter.  I fell in love.  So Rocky came home with us.   I spent some painstaking hours, over the next couple of days, cleaning him up.  And he cleaned up nice.  Now Rock gives us all the love he can muster.

He is chock full of warmth.

A week ago, Rocky had an operation.  Things appear to have gone well, but we’re not out of the woods yet, so keep your fingers crossed.

Love, caring, snuggles, and wet pup kisses.  He’s what “warmth” means to me.  

Hoping you all ring in the new year with some warm snuggles too.  Happy Holidays.

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  1. If I put my fingers through your letter box they’ll get bitten, right? Well- serve me right! I won’t do it 🙂 But I will send warm hugs and cuddles for Rocky (and for you) 🙂 🙂

  2. Gem, this is a truly beautiful post, this is right up there with the posts of my dying blogging friend, George Weaver. I’m certainly moved by the love you’ve given Rocky, and I very much hope he pulls through. Adrian

  3. I’ve been working my way back to you … Rocky … what a lovely warming story Gemma . Now I’m up to date . Great news !

  4. I actually came back to this post to leave a message because when I scrolled it in my reader – it was beautiful. The dog and the anklet that says Gem – just a little slice of life i was able to see from this rich photo – and then reading the post today was a treat because it added to the photo – to think of you cleaning up Rocky and seeing the soft hair in the pic and feeling the bond – and sending healing thoughts/prayers for your pup! ❤

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