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When I was a kid I would never let a single vegetable pass by my lips and into my tummy.  Things are different today.  Very different.  My dear sweet mom is amazed at the things I will cook, serve, AND EAT! She said I never ate an egg til I was 18.  I don’t remember, but I believe her.  Now I not only eat eggs in any way, shape, or form, but veggies are my side of choice when we go out to breakfast.

Last year was the Year of the Brussels Sprout. I wouldn’t even entertain chewing those things, but one day, after seeing them on a blog post, I had a change of heart. Jeff cooked them, I tried them, I loved them! Look at what I missed!  Time wasted!!

Yesterday Jeff and I took our usual Sunday road trip to a local diner and I ordered a five veggie omlette.  Not only were there five vegetables in that baby, but it came with a side of grilled zucchini instead of potatoes.  Don’t get me wrong.  I LOOOOOVVVVVEEEE potatoes, but my hips don’t.  I use to be able to eat just about anything and still look like Twiggy, but something changed.  Go figure.

Funny thing was, our waitress asked the kitchen for a side of potatoes. So when I shyly mentioned the error and told her it was ok, she kindly brought me my veggie.

Well, not only did I love my zucchini, but IT LOVED ME BACK!  Look here.  Do you see it?


Delicious, cheese covered greens.  And not only did they love me back.  They did it twice!


This girl ate the zuke’s AND the spuds.  Twiggy be damned!


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42 thoughts on “CEE’S ODD BALL CHALLENGE 2015 WEEK #8

  1. Oh my! This looks so yummy. I would also have scoffed those spuds right down too. Our daughter was a no-veggie child. Thankfully she’s changed now she’s grown up. I think the real odd balls in your pics, are the jams and jellys on the plate above. We’re you supposed to put them on your potatoes or your veggies? 🙂

  2. I spy with my little eye… a face in your second photo! Was actually expecting you to mention that you were playing with your food…but maybe I’m the only one who sees it? Zucchini eyes, red nose, tater mouth? No?

  3. Love the love in the zucchini. Meanwhile, those potatoes look the yummiest! Potatoes are my favorite morning vegetable. And lunch vegetable. And dinner vegetable. And snack vegetable. Potatoes…… “Nuff said.

    • I remember feeling the same way, and I think we might have covered this before. Not to repeat myself but mushrooms, onions, Brussels Sprouts rolled around in some EVOO and lime and roasted in the oven… OMG!
      How’s the tai chi going? 😉

  4. Those little zucchini slices just stepped right up for your Odd Ball Challenge picture! I love brussel sprouts, I used to come home from school and warm them up for a snack… with buttah. We grill them now or I put them in the oven with salt, peppa, and olive oil! Can you believe I hated pizza when I was kid, now I can’t have enough of it!

    • Brussels Sprouts, mushrooms, onions, lime and olive oil in the oven. 😍👍
      Never hated pizza. Jeff works away from home several days a week and I have pizza and salad ever time for dinner, alone, in front of the book tube and with my iPad, iPhone and drawing pad and pens. PIZZA RULES! (Sometimes no salad. LOL)

  5. Can’t imagine a 5 veggie omelette but I bet its good. Think I did eat veggies as a kid, I recall my mum telling me that sprouts are only young cabbages, which made me think them alright. But Kenya was what really got me into fruit and veg, oh the veggies there were gorgeous – and since then I’ve never stopped gobbling down as many as I can get. ATP xxx

  6. And you can put them on your eyelids when you have tired eyes 🙂 🙂 But maybe not when they’ve been cooked? Messy! Come to think of it, maybe I mean cucumber! Love them, Gem (x 2) 🙂

  7. Luckily I love veges [being a vegetarian – well actually a pescetarian so The Son’s partner informs me], but I have had a huge [and it is still ongoing] love affair with the Brussels Sprout.

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