Thirteen years ago, I got my motorcycle license. And it’s been that long since I nearly dropped the bike with me on it, and I never got on that horse again.  OK.  It was an adventure, but I’ll stick to riding shotgun, or whatever they call it when you’re the passenger enjoying the scenery as it flies by.

Jeff still likes to ride, so I’ll just hang on and sing a few bars of “Born to Be Wild” as the wind blows through my gray locks.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Bikes and Motorcycles…


Jeff’s old Harley

Jeff in his element

Jeff in his element

Grandson in HIS element - chip off the old grandblock

Grandson in HIS element – chip off the old grandblock

This was a heart stopper.

This was a heart stopper.



And just for a chuckle, for those of you who didn’t see this post, this was Jeff’s helmet and goggles, left out in the garage over the winter.  You’ve heard of “through the looking glass”?  Well this was “through the broken window”.  Apparently momma bird needed a place to build her nest.  We watched these critters hatch and fly away.  Needless to say, that helmet made it’s acquaintance with the trash.


Snoopy bike

KICK IT INTO GEAR.  But first stop on over at Cee’s for more on Bikes and Motorcyles.  (you know the routine – click on the icon below)




  1. Cute post, Gemma. I can just imagine you in a black leather mini-skirt on the back of a Harley. Sweet little biker grandson. What a smile he has! The helmet was such a perfect nesting place. Momma bird must have thought she’d struck gold. 🙂

  2. I love the “chip off the old grand block.” So cute. And so cute. And so well-said. I’ve never been a motorcycle fan and even riding my bike, I was always afraid of getting hit by a car. Adventure scares me.

  3. Pillion! I never felt safe behind my Dad. Perhaps because I used to graze my knees as we went around corners 😦
    Grandblock is beautiful! Thanks so much for the smiles, Gem. You always warm my heart and make me grin like an idiot at the same time. 🙂

  4. I knew you would come up with something fabulous for this challenge. I like the helmet 🙂 and your grandson, the flaming engine….Okay I just adore all of your photos.

  5. Love the helmet nest! And I am with you on only being a passenger. Pretty sure I would not be long for this life if I was the driver – too many things to remember with too many appendages…I also have a hard time driving a stick shift. I must not have played enough video games when I was a kid or I would have better eye/hand coordination. haha!

    • I do drive a stick. Always have. And I don’t think it has anything to do with video games. They weren’t around until I had a son myself, so…
      The motorcycle was more like, it was too big for me to handle and it was the smallest Harley available.. I am a snob about any other bike. I trained on a Buell which was considerably smaller. Who knew?
      Driving a stick is like riding a bike. Once you learn, yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah. 😉

  6. Love this post Gemma the image of you singing “Born to be wild” as the wind whips through your grey hair is a priceless image. Did you ever see the film “Wild Hogs” with John Travolta? It was a real LOL movie, your post made me think of it…

  7. Great post, ATP, and wisdom words that are ohhh so true. I too had a bike (a BSA), but it was 45 years ago – and I fell off it too! Never got to grips with it really >>> and a month after passing my car driving test, my job took me off-road in Land Rovers, and bikes never got another look in. Love the bird’s nest, and the Harleys! ATP xxx

  8. Gemma, Gemma you and I got some same likes! First off, that is a gorgeous Harley and love your Grandson on the trike! In the 70’s CH had a Kawasaki bike and I had a Yamaha bike. I loved that bike until I crashed it into the front of our on post housing concrete carport while staring at two construction worker guys… 😀 I sold the bike and bought a horse! Much safer. I can so see you on the back of a Harley! Lucky Mama Bird and babies!

    • A horse!?!? That is something I will never have and my one regret. I rode when I was younger, but it wasn’t my horse. Much fun all the same. Construction guys, huh? Yes, we have similar likes. LOL

  9. I watched in a cable channel that bikes are also called “chopper”… I’m still curious why it is called that way. I thought choppers are for helicopters. 🙂

    • I found this…
      “Upon returning from World War II, soldiers seemed dissatisfied with the motorcycles that were being built by Harley-Davidson and Indian. The bikes they had rode in Europe were lighter, sleeker, and were much more fun to ride
      “Just what is a Chopper? The Chopper is created by removing or “chopping” off unnecessary parts from the bike. Who needs a windshield, front fenders, big headlights, clumsy blinkers, crash bars, big seats, etc? Chop them off and make the bike sleeker and lighter.”
      This came from this website: http://www.choppers.com/history.asp
      Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I knew about the “chopping” but not about the WWII soldiers involvement. That was my “learn something new” for today. 😉

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