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It’s snowing!  No kidding.  They finally (they being our illustrious meteorologists) got it right.  After many predictions that were, shall we say, slightly off (by a mile!) we are getting hammered.  So after finding out I don’t have to go and watch my little charges today, Jeff declares a road trip is in order.  I’m always up for a road trip, even in blizzard conditions, so off to breakfast and a perfect opportunity to record a Which Way Challenge.

Heading out the door…

Snow mar 2015A

Slip sliding up the road…

Snow mar 2015B

Snow mar 2015C1

Almost there…

Diner in snow

And, oh yeah, we made it!

Breakfast was yummy.  We watched the snow fall and the patrons slip sliding there way to their vehicles, and then home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Snow mar 2015E

And yup.  Those are my footprints walking (which way?)  away from the house because I forgot to get a shot of the fresh snow before I went in and had to come back out.  DOPE!

And for those of you who don’t get snow, or are enjoying the wonders of summer, here’s a little slo-mo-snow for your viewing pleasure.  Don’t worry.  I’m safe inside capturing this.

When you’ve had enough of the snow, head on over to Cee’s Which Way Challenge and join in the fun. Click on the image below.



40 thoughts on “CEE’S WHICH WAY CHALLENGE – 2015 WEEK #9

  1. I’ve never been in snow like this! I’m glad I’m seeing it in your great photos (very sharp and clear) and not for real.

  2. Your house looks so pretty! 🙂 🙂 And what better way to spend a day off? I even watched the vid with fascination, Gem. We don’t have a TV in our house. Wrap up warm! 🙂

    • Thanks, ad. Did a little shoveling – to work off the breakfast – and been in ever since, relaxing and looking out the window. It is very pretty, even if I’ve had enough. 😉

  3. You got some beautiful snowy photos. I love your sign. Snow is so pretty as it falls. Thanks for playing along. Hope you don’t get too much of that white stuff. 🙂

  4. Great pictures, but GAH! You’ll excuse me for not watching too much of the snow video. There’s snow coverage on TV and snow out every window, and I’m getting ready to go back out into the snow for Cupcake’s last walk of the day. #enoughalready

  5. It’s a LONG time since I have seen or been in snow. Looks so pretty in photos and your lovely house looks like a picture postcard place. I think the guy in the video was loosing the battle…

  6. Did you apply for a job while you ate breakfast? Love that sign – it’s very photogenic and prettier than the snow. You have a cool house- lots of character! I bet it’s super cozy and homey inside too!

    • No job. I’m done after this stint with the kids. (I hope) Thanks, re: the abode. I really love it and I’m going to hate it when we have to leave. Inevitable. But change is good. 😊👍

    • I’m with you. And that snow may have been falling in slo-mo in the video but man was it ever coming down. Now, it’s almost all gone, leaving behind potholes and giant cracks in the roads. Ya gotta love winter. ;-(

  7. Great post, Gem, so interesting to see “a snowy morning in New Joisey”, just like being there – but you should have put a little commentary on the movie! A xxx

  8. there is something so calming about snow photos – and then the unique street/house and sign in your town has such an original feel. my fav is the sign with the now hiring and the oval soft frame you gave it- has an americana country feel and I went back to it a few times – but the fresh footprints was cool too -and the video – …now I am ready for some hot cocoa – ha!

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