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This week, Michele at WordPress asks for at least three photos that are dominant orange. I’m glad she said “at least” because I stink at rules and if she had said “only three”  I wouldn’t have been able to choose.  It’s not that they’re all that unique.  It’s just that I took the time to shot the pix and I like them all, so I’m using them all.  That simple.

Here goes orange…

Cracker Barrel Gummy Carrots

Cracker Barrel Gummy Carrots

In case you’re having trouble getting your kids to eat veggies.

Reese's T-shirt

Reese’s T-shirt

In case you don’t care if they eat their veggies.

Something to hold all of your wine corks

Something to hold all of your wine corks

A place to stash your corks after you wash down your veggies (not the kid’s).

Espress It Coffee Shop  wall decor

Espress It Coffee Shop wall decor

And, just because it’s pretty and sunny and cheerful and ORANGE.

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  1. Nice ones, Gemma. Love the coffee shop wall art. That would be an awful lot of wine corks. I think by the time you’d filled it, you really wouldn’t care about very much at all, especially not whether the kids were eating their veggies. 🙂

  2. I love carrots but cheese is my favourite. Cool wine cork holder and the coffee shop wall decor is gorgeous! Great shots and selections Gemma! 😀 ♥

  3. We have the loveliest shell pink sunrise going on over my shoulder! I know- nothing to do with orange, I just wanted to share it. 🙂
    You have this knack of making me grin from ear to ear while jumping up and down applauding. Not an easy thing to do before breakfast! Have a good week, Gem 🙂

  4. GUMMY carrots?? I did NOT see that coming! I thought they were bags of healthy, crispy, crunchy carrots and hot peppers for some reason. Ugh. Gummy carrots…. I need to call the dentist, immediately. My teeth hurt all of a sudden. Besides causing cavities, all the pictures are gorgeous. I love orange.

  5. great variety – and did someone say avocado muffin? I would love to try that – my son brought home some grape juice and blueberry muffins and that was fun to try last week – but never had an avocado one.

    and the wine cork ceramic jar was my fav of the nice flowing post…

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