Talk about unaware!  I was just that – unaware that I had any candid photo.  Just goes to show you.  You never know what you have til you take a good, hard look.

These first two photos are pictures of my little charge.  I watch this cutie five days a week, and if you’re familiar with my blog, you know that he is not shy when it comes to the camera.  But, as luck would have it, I got him in his unawares. 😉029


This boy is all about learning, and planets and how the human body works, and he soaks it up like a sponge. Someday, I’ll share a video of him teaching me about space.  Precious!

This gentleman just looked very interesting to me.  I practically never take candid shots, but I do remember doing this one.  I was being very sneaky, and I felt guilty as hell!  Just call me Double Oh Doofus.  (I shot this in B&W, hence, the B&W.)


This photo was taken in the same diner as the gentlemen above.  She was the hostess and that hair do, in my eyes, made her the hostess with the mostess.  I LOVE THAT DO! Color and all.


Well, that’s it for my covert operations.  Slip on over to Cee’s and spy with your little eye, a little more on the clueless unaware.  Click on the icon below…cees-fun-foto



  1. And she has great bone structure in her face. 🙂

    Would love to see the little man discussing space with you. I’m sure I would learn something too!

  2. The Annie Lennox look! I love it- and the sound she makes too 🙂 Wonder if that waitress can sing? No matter! The B & W is a cracking shot, Gem. He just oozes character! But your little dumpling sitting on the steps is a heart stealer. 🙂 Hope your week is happy! In this company, how could it not be? 🙂

  3. These are awesome! Candid photos are the best. What a great idea for a challenge. I want the reading man to be my friend. Plus I want to know what he’s reading. There are no candids around here. The minute I touch my phone, Cupcake sits up, puts on the same dumb face, and says the word, “OK, but where’s my cookie?”

    • Maybe you need to take a picture or two of something/someone else. 😉 Cupcake could be getting a little complacent. She is so use to being the center of everything. Oh, that’s right. She is! LOL
      Thanks, G. I know what you mean about the reading man. And I enlarged the photo and it rang a bell of sorts. I’ve heard about some books by Preston & Child. I googled their books and it looks like it might be The Cabinet of Curiosities by the cover. I could be wrong (but I don’t think so) Plus, I’ve been meaning to read one of their books, so I might start with this one 🙂

    • Thanks, Cee. Oh. And I really like him too. I won’t be watching him and his brother after this June and it’s breaking my heart. I’ve only known them for 3 years, but they won me over. And he’s so dang photogenic!

  4. this is such fun post (and ties into what you shared in the comment with me recently – indeed!)

    and I like each shot – but the b & w is also pretty fab because of the two heads to the side of the main guy! then the great quote to the top – the lighting – and the reflection – it is just a tasty pic – and he is so classy!

    and all 4 have such different moods – and the iPad one is just a nice down view -and the lady with sleeve over hands adds to that mood. and her style was felt – and glad you kept that in color- 🙂

    • Your powers of observation floor me. I loved that sleeve over the hand thing. I think it added something to her style, yes but also, I felt like it showed the anxiety she might have been feeling about the job (she’s new there and I think she was a little nervous, plus I haven’t seen her since and I’m hoping I just haven’t caught her on one of her work days) Thank you for all the attention you give. Sometimes I feel a little rushed. I need to be more conscientious, vigilant, mindful… 😉

      • well just keep doing what you do – cos it is working girl.

        and you know – the thing I love about street shots – whether with consent or without – ha! – bury what I love is how they are a unique photo that will never ever ever be able to get captured that way again at any other time, the person will never look that way – the setting will change – and the lighting will be different – and I guess it is that way with nature and other picture s- but there is a rawness to capturing people informally that is rich – and then even agin looking at your two here – you give us mixed genders – races – and quite an evocative mood – the guy is all relaxed – almost stately – and now that you mention the other details – I feel the anxiety with the gal too – so much to see…

        well hope you have a great rest of the week 🙂


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