For 25 years I worked in an office. (Some of you might know this so hang in a minute…)  After a healthy dose of downsizing, I decided I’d go to college (natural progression, right?) After graduating, I went into teaching (a life long dream, and I’m getting to my point, I swear!)

I taught Developmental Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and First Grade.  So after retiring (here it comes) I knew I couldn’t take on a part time gig without having the words, “FUN” and “KIDS” and “PLAY” involved.  So now I ‘sit’ a little genius, and on no school day, his bro.

Sometimes, girls (and their charges) just wanna have fu-un. 😉

ZRobotMy buddy wanted to be a robot for the day.  Fun!


Sometimes we make it up as we go along

GemmaLego ZLegos

We made Lego names for an Instagram Challenge I entered.   More fun.

And, although this is a moving Odd Ball, still, fun, Fun, FUN!

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