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Cracker Barrel Restaurant – one of my favorite (though probably not healthiest) places to eat.  I think it’s a nostalgia thing.  A good memory place.  Somewhere that reminds me of days gone by.

While driving down to Nashville, Tennessee Jeff and I saw our first Cracker Barrel.  That was many moons ago, and it has now become a vacation tradition.  Since I’m not a lover of flying, we have stopped at many a CB on our travels.

This morning I decided to grab a book and a few drawing materials, and I headed over to a local CB.  Here’s a look at those walls.





CB wall firepace CB wall 1 gradient 05



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  1. I’ve only eaten at a CB once – we don’t have too many of them in Wisconsin. Your photos do give a very nostalgic feel – especially the one of the soda. Reminds me of when soda was only available in bottles and cans, and the feel of an ice cold bottle of mountain dew or orange crush – the feel of the glass on your lips or the tinny taste from the cold can. Back when you were lucky to get a can of soda at all. Geez, I’m old.

  2. You’re not being a tease here, are you? Where’s the cheese? If that’s a very stupid thing to say… well, you should know me by now 😦 That’s my association with Cracker Barrel 🙂 But I love the photos. Jude would like the 1st one for the Bench series 🙂 Happy Sunday!

    • Sadly, I’m not in the bench challenge. I don’t get around much and limiting me to benches might get one or two posts out of me. I’m hanging in with Cee’s challenges. I don’t do them all anymore, but she’s got such a variety. And cheese? Oh I get it! Duh!

  3. Don’t have CB restaurants over here, at least not in my part of Australia. Wish they did it looks a great place to hang out… Did you do any sketching? If we have a wait in a restaurant, or anywhere, we always have sketch books with us. What are GRITS????

      • Thanks for the link, that does sound tasty, especially the shrimp recipe. I don’t know if we can buy grits over here I think maybe a health food shop may have some. Will keep it at the back of my mind to try in the future….
        Now Zentangle, what a coincidence I have just been looking it up on Google before I opened my comments as there is a zentangle group just started up and I had not heard of it so was checking to see if I would be interested, I think I will but it will all have to wait till we get back from NZ now… (So much to do, so little time. I sometimes wonder how I ever had time to go to work!!!!

      • Oh what fun! I would love to see some of your tangles when you start! We can trade off. I know what you mean. How DID we ever find time to do anything when we worked full time. I am working part time now, should be done in June (hopefully) and I can’t wait to be done (kind of. i love the kids) so I can do “nothing”. LOL
        Here is a link to a fabulous Zentangle site. If you click on an alphabet letter up top, it will take you to every Tangle of that letter. Scroll down part ways and it will give you a step by step instruction on how to draw it. It’s FABULOUS! Also, a very good book: http://www.amazon.com/Design-Originals-Zentangle-Marie-Browning/dp/1574214276/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1426506231&sr=8-1&keywords=joy+of+zentangle+book
        Hope I didn’t inundate you. Have fun in NZ Lucky you!

  4. great photos of the walls of CB. Always spend a huge amount of time looking at them when we’ve gone there to eat. Ahhh, cream soda and root beer, not available here in Ecuador. Though a friend brought some root beer flavoring for me on her last trip so I have indulged in a root beer float, but sure do miss the cream soda.

  5. Wow, what a place, full of character! But root beer, oh I’ve tried that – an acquired taste? >>> tho mind you it was for sale here, so it may well not have been the best! I was out in town this morning, having my D700’s sensor cleaned, and had some classic Brit grub >>> steak and kidney pie, loads of chips, and lots of good, thick gravy … feeling sick yet??? Another acquired taste??? But one thing I did like about the café was that the owners seemed to know all of the customers, which made for a very nice atmosphere. A xxx

      • I’m enjoying myself immensely, that’s what I’m doing, Missus!!! 🙂 OK, OK, I know its illegitimate, but I don’t intend building the ingestion of such gourmet treasures into my daily routine, just now and again as a treat – and that’s what matters. Good golly Miss Molly!, if I were to down that daily people wouldn’t so much know me as be going into orbit around me! Oh but it was yummy – I know you lot in ATP land recoil at the thought of steak and kidney but its blissful – ah, we earthy Brits. Maybe I’ll send you Black Pudding for Christmas – but it would never get through the US Health controls! A xxx

  6. well I think many travelers can really appreciate a great ol’ cracker barrel – and they have made out trips a little better – even though I have not seen many on the east coast trips we take – but the middle state ones seem to have more CB s – for us at leafs. and I am glad you grabbed some shots to show the world this home down goodness place….

  7. Love Cracker Barrel. Brings back good nostalgic memories. Love their souvenir section too…and during Christmas…those Christmas trees just seem to shout, “Merry Christmas, take me home with you!”

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