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Some of you may have noticed, I’ve taken up Tangling.  Zentangle is a fabulous, relaxing, confidence building pass time.  I was just reading a post by my amiga, Lisa, at Zeebra Design’s & Destinations.  And it’s true.  There’s always time for art.  If you have 10 minutes, you can draw or paint or start SOMETHING!  It’s calming.  It’s productive.  It’s FUN.

Here’s some of my art.  I never felt like I could really, REALLY draw, but I can.

burst of flowers 001March 2015 119March 2015 044March 2015 007hair 001peace sign 001March 2015 270March 2015 078March 2015 203

Take Time Out For Art…

But first stop at Lisa‘s to see the best of the best!


43 thoughts on “TIME OUT FOR ART – MARCH 26 2015

  1. Wow! These are perfect Gemma! You are so creative hon. Thanks for sharing this beautiful works of art. I love it! 😀

  2. These are super and you are so right, it’s important to do something artsy every day to stir up the creative juices… how many times have I told myself I am going to sit and doodle for ten minutes then don’t do it…

  3. These are fantastic, Gem! Yes you CAN draw, and better yet you have a wonderful imagination. The hair and the peace sign and the girl with the peace sign- just brilliant! 🙂 I love ya!

  4. I agree with Sonel. They are works of art for sure. Of course, I have seen you creating works of art since we were 12. But there was no convincing you… I’m SO happy you’ve finally convinced yourself. I’m amazed.

    • Either I wasn’t listening, or you weren’t talking loud enough! LOL
      Thanks, G. For everything. ❤
      (I'm pretty much amazed myself. So's Lillllllly. She still looks at them and says, "You did that?")

  5. These are so cool Gemma !I can imagine working on this creative art being a very therapeutic way to spend some time 🙂

  6. Yes you can draw Gemma! I love the girl on the slice of moon.. ♥ The girl with the peace sign balloon! They are all very cool.. yes, works of art. I enjoy coloring in color books for relaxation. I think I would love tangling. I will click your Zentangle link. I could never do it on my own. anotherday2paradise mentioned a kit… I will have to google. Maybe tangling already drawn that I could color.

    • Thanks so much, Pix. There are coloring books out there specifically for Zentangle. I email mine to Genevieve (you follow her, right? Cupcake?) and she colors them and gives them back to me. Fun! You don’t need a kit. My favorite book so far for beginning is Joy of Zentangle (Amazon) which I just bought for a friend and (preferably for me) a spiral pad (Daley Rowney maybe) and some black fine point Sharpies or Micron pens or Uniball 157 black. Also on Amazon there are artist’s tiles. Little squares that are a Zentangle must. Email me if you have any questions. Otherwise, I’ll be expecting to see something soon. 😊👍🎨

  7. Wonderful stuff! Now I really can’t draw, I could never do these. And my favourite is the partly coloured one that you have on your lap – I think the colour really adds to it – almost makes it jump out of the page. A xxx

  8. I really love your work – and the message to take time for art – even though for me – I sometimes have to break from doing art and from exploring it – For example, when I went to an art show earlier this month I soaked it up to the core mainly because I had not been to a show since early last summer. That is way too long, but sometimes (for me) it makes me appreciate it more. I also am getting ready to paint this coming week – which I also have not done much of since last summer – so the break has made me look forward to it. Now something I do all the time and never really tire of – is doodling in my notebook. Doodling is not quite the same thing as your tangling – but my pen is swirling, looping, and making circles (onion cells – lol) – and it really relaxes me like you note here w/ your art time.

    oh and I like them all – but two fabs are the hair — and the yogi with the sun burst – 🙂

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