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Yesterday, Jeff and I took a ride to Valley Forge, PA.   It was definitely FUN.

vf cabin

We walked and walked and then headed to the car.  When we got back to the car, Jeff saw a cell phone lying on the hood of the car.  The phone was apparently dropped near our vehicle and someone was kind enough to place it where we could find it.  Thank you.  You are an honest person, whoever you are.

Unfortunately the phone was not ours.

I suggested that we hang on to it with the hope that the owner would call.

We waited a few minutes to see if anyone showed up to claim the phone.  When no one did, we got in the car and headed to Washington Chapel, with the phone in my pocket.

vf stained glass

While I was taking some photos with my Nikon, the cell went off. I reached in to answer but I couldn’t get to it fast enough and missed the call.  DAGNABIT!

We walked through the cemetery behind the Chapel and I snapped and clicked a little more when the phone went off again.  This time, I GOT IT!

The conversation went something like this:

ME: “Hello, I have your phone.” *giggle giggle*  (I’m such a dork!)

OTHER END OF THE PHONE: “Hi!  Oh thank you! What’s your name?”

ME:  “Gemma.  And you are apparently Don.  You got a few messages here, Don.”  *more stupid giggling*

Cut to the chase.

We met Don in the parking lot 15 minutes later and we reunited him with his phone.  He, insisting, gave us $40 saying it was well worth it.  We chatted a few minutes about there being kind people in the world – still.  Good to know.

We went into the chapel and deposited the $40 in the donation box.  The money is to preserve the historical chapel that is not federally funded. (sad face)

vf donation box

Easy come, easy go. 😉

On another note, Jeff read this morning that one of the Harrison brothers that plays for the University of Kentucky (the up-until-yesterday undefeated basketball team that, of course made it into the Final Four) made a racial slur about one of the opposing/winning team (Wisconsin) players.  There were also fires set by some Kentucky fans after the loss of their team.


I realize this is not indicative of all Wildcats and their fans but, let’s try to keep it civil!!  Just sayin’.

To those of you who celebrate the Holy Day…

vf chapel



30 thoughts on “A DAY IN THE LIFE…

  1. As Badger fans, we were ecstatic over the win last night. The Wild Kats crushed us in the last seconds of the very same game last year. Poor sportsmanship on the head of Harrison and that remark may hurt him down the road – I sure hope he becomes a better person for it.

    Go Bucky!!!

  2. I’m glad the phone was reunited with its owner and that there are still good guys in this world. Yeah, what’s with destruction of the property of others being the way to express disappointment – or joy?

  3. What a nice story, Gemma. I particularly like reading a story like that in the morning. It brings me positive energy for the whole day. Thank you!

  4. I love this story! I think there are more kind people than the other ones, thank God. Either way, you stored up some good karma yesterday. Well done!

  5. There are still kind people in this world….sadly not as many as there use to be. But we can hope that turns around one day! Yea for you and Jeff for being 2 of the good guys!
    The photo inside the church is stunning!!

  6. Hope you had a Happy Easter, too. Glad you were able to find the phone’s owner, and helped a worthy cause by donating the reward money.

  7. DANG! What a nice story Gemma! Seriously! I am sitting here smiling as you said you put the forty bucks in the chapel’s donation box… ♥ Beautiful picture of the church. The light, the stained glass window, and the gorgeous wood pews… very pretty!

  8. Ah a nice day out there Gemma . That man must have been over the moon …. honesty is sure the best policy . Those stained glass windows look as intricate as your zentangles 😉

    • It was a good day all around. And yes he was. Jeff lost his cell once. We tried to call it. At first it rang but no one answered. Then it must have been turned off because it went straight to voice mail. I guess we were bothering the people who found – and kept – it. That’s life! 😉

  9. Great post, Gem! Love the story. And didn’t know you have a Nikon!

    And yes, let’s be kind – but the news seems full of people who aren’t doing that all. My friend’s gravestone has a similar basic thought – “Spread a little happiness” – absolutely! ATP xxx

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