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If you can’t bring yourself to pick up a piece of trash and chuck it into a receptacle, then at least don’t add to the mess! Β I hope the sun is shining on you today and that you can feel the good all around you. Β Seize the day, and some trash.



31 thoughts on “HAPPY EARTH DAY – APRIL 22, 2015

  1. The sun is shining on Missouri today, and I am feeling the good all around me this morning and hearing the birds singing their morning songs! We try to not add to the mess and when we are near the ocean in Florida we make sure we pick up trash at the beach as we walk. The ocean is particularly dear to me. And CH picks up enough trash in the ditch by our roadside every day to make a dent in the mess on our road! Good Morning Gemma!

  2. I’m seizing both! All the trash in the fields and ditched after winter drives Dave and I crazy so we usually do a couple neighborhood walks with a garbage bag each spring.

    Cloudy and cold here in Wisco- hoping for sun by the weekend!
    Love your tangle!!!

  3. I work very hard to clean up the trash around my apartment complex. Mom always says the word, “Drop it!” and “No! Do NOT eat that!” If it were up to me, there would never be any trash anywhere. I am committed…

    Love and licks,

  4. Seeing trash on the streets and in the ditches makes me so angry. How can people be so thoughtless.
    Fort Worth has a campaign going where they encourage people to pick up 10 pieces of trash on Tuesday.
    You are fighting the good fight Gemma!!
    The sun always shines in Texas. Accept for when it doesn’t….of which is today!
    I love you picture

  5. And happy Earth Day to you! Love the perfect drawing! We had rain in the early afternoon and then the sun came about beautifully. My neighborhood grocery store was giving out Earth Day reusable bags. Really nice! I only use reusable bags for my groceries. I hate litter!

  6. Now where was I on Wednesday? I had to check my diary but I think I was loving the sea in a pretty little spot in the Algarve. I’m pretty sure I didn’t litter! Thanks for the reminder, Gem, and for the beautiful Zentangle πŸ™‚

  7. This is me, late, after getting back from the south – hope you’re doing fine, lady. And I totally agree about the trash, except that we call it rubbish, don’t y’ know? I personally never ever litter, its just not a part of me, but there are times when I feel in a distinct minority! ATP xxx

    • Hey bud! Hope the south was fun y’all. πŸ˜‰
      And yes, sometimes I feel the same way. Believe it or not, we walked past a child’s sock today. We’ve walked past it about 3 or 4 times in the past few weeks. I told Jeff next walk we take I’m bringing a bag and a pair of rubber gloves and I am picking that sock up. I’m guessing it’s pretty useless now.
      And I won’t get into the rest of the trash we saw. UGH! How do you just drop something on the sidewalk/street? Dagnabit!

  8. well it took about six or more hours to reach this post,and it was worth the wait.. there’s my dear friend who produces amazing work! you are doing so very well with your art – do not EVEN think of dismissing it as a silly recipe you follow.. no way, there’s nice design here and everything is well drawn and inked. good good work – buen trabajo

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