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A walk in the park.  A old, wooden shack.  A moldy, old door. A few daffodils and a sunny spring day (and I do appreciate that).

Spring is really trying to be in the air.  It’s 48 degrees right now.  It’ll need to try a little harder.




Click here to see more of Norm’s entries for Thursday’s Doors.  Have a sunny day.  Thanks for stopping by. 😉



29 thoughts on “THURSDAY’S DOORS – APRIL 23, 2015

  1. Gemma I use to have/use a door very similar to this door you clicked and guess what it led to… one of the horses in my life. Rumbles was his name. OMGosh it brings back some memories! It was the side door to a small barn. I of course like this door! Since I have a thing for wood doors I should check out this challenge but you know all about my PROcrastination.. 😀 We are 58 degrees in Missouri at 9:52.

    • Come on! You’re 10 degrees warmer?!?!? Ugh!
      I’m glad it brought back some good memories. Any memories about horses would have to be good. I am so jealous. Stay warm. And don’t PROcrastinate.

  2. I like the picture, Gem – I would have probably gone in closer, maybe just got the door and its frame, face on, but the greens and yellows that those flowers introduce go so well with the rest. Good stuff! A

  3. I love the natural feel of the green patina on the door and wood – and the bottom of the photo shows no step so there is a floating feel (in my mind at least) and the flowers have they social touch

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