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Whether shopping in New Hope, PA, or trolling the beaches of NJ, or just taking a neighborhood stroll, the thing to remember is to enjoy the moment.  I’ve been so wrapped up in keeping up, that I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing, reading, posting, etc.  I’m here when I’m here.  I’ve figured out that ‘breathing’ is essential to living in the moment.  I’m not ignoring you. I SWEAR.  I’ll get there when I get there, and when I do I will ‘like’, no I will LOVE you, but til then I’ll take the road less traveled and breathe.


New Hope, PA

New Hope, PA

Brigantine, NJ

Brigantine, NJ


Cherry Hill, NJ

Cherry Hill, NJ

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58 thoughts on “CEE’S WHICH WAY CHALLENGE – 2015 WEEK #18

  1. “breathe” sounds just the thing to me, Gem, absolutely just the thing >>> go for it >>> enjoy the moment, and trying Being, as opposed to always Doing Doing Doing ….

    And I like all these pictures, but am absolutely knocked flat by the middle one … oh that’s naughty! … stop it I like it!!! … 🙂 …. can I be your publicist? …

  2. Breathing and finding balance is the elusive secret to happiness. Do what’s fun and what’s necessary. Just let the rest of it happen. Or not.

  3. I like all your choices. Although I blog every day, I’ve cut back on some of the online things I’ve been doing. Between my still-fairly-new part time job and wanting to spend time outside (plus reading and taking care of the house and yard), I have plenty to do. And my husband enjoys having some part of my day as well. 🙂 Hurrah for real life.


  4. You read my mind. I will be entering a similar post soon! I have so much going on right now – something has to give! And, I also am not enjoying just “being” when I feel like I am always thinking about what still has to get done. Afterall, didn’t Jesus say we should be more like Mary, less like Martha? 😉

    I LOVE your photos today. The beach photo and the wreath photo are my faves.

  5. I thoroughly agree Gemma … nothing worse than piling on the pressure .. Enjoy whatever comes along and seek out those *you moments … re jig and then plunge in when it suits YOU x Love the wreath picture … a very welcoming gate -)

  6. I hear you Gemma… I have been struggling with blogging, or the absence of my blogging, for months now. And too much time spent on the laptop. I really want to be outside clicking my camera and that is where I will be… when it stops raining. Love the beach shot and the WOOD gate! What is the little building with the daffies growing next to it?

  7. It seems we all feel the same Gemma. Finding moderation is the key, but hard to find. A bit of this and a bit of that but what ever it is ENJOY and live in the moment…

  8. Good for you Gemma! If it isn’t fun….what’s the point?
    I enjoy seeing you around and will keep an eye out for you…but it isn’t enjoyable for any of us if we feel pressured to “create”
    Hugs my friend!

  9. I love the diversity in the three paths – and it tied in so nicely with your words and love this “I’m here when I’m here.” truth to that! word up. Ha – just kidding – but you are spot on with drawing nice boundaries because for long term being in the game we have to keep things enjoyable (as you note) and I think too often folks need to pause and let their blog breathe a bit – guess it depends on the blogger, but a blogging pathway is not robotic and not the same for all. so you enjoy yourself G – and see you when we see you

  10. I touched keyboards very briefly with Jo Bryant this morning, and returning her visit, I knew you would be there. 🙂 🙂 Just wanted to say hi old buddy, and hope that all’s well in your world. If not all, most of! Love to Jeff 🙂

  11. Well said Gemma! Sometimes we give so much that we forget that we have to take time for ourselves and just enjoy every moment and not worry about anything. 😀

    Take time, do what makes you happy and respond when you can or when you feel like it.

    It’s always great visiting your lovely blog and you have such a great way of looking at everything. I admire that very much. Your photos are always stunning and so fun. I enjoy that. 😀

    THe first shot – and I have to ask. Is that a house, a little house or something like a garden shed? LOL! I am totally intrigued. It’s so adorable!

    See you when I see you darling. Blogging should be fun, not something we feel we have to do. Take care of yourself. 😀 x♥

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