One lone Christmas Tree, hiding behind one bottle of homemade Cabernet Franc, illuminated by one candle.  One grin on my face. 🙂


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A road trip to Peddler’s Village in PA last week, landed us in the middle of a winter wonderland.  The only problem was, we got there a little too early, and the Christmas decor was a little on the dull side.  This is what we saw when  we approached an arch that lead from one side of the Village to another.

Lahaska arch 1

Not horrible, but not very Christmas-y.

So we walked, and we shopped, and we walked some more.  We stopped for a great cup of coffee and a blueberry scone and then we walked more – a lot more.  And lo and behold, as the darkness started to settle in, the light bulb – or in this case bulbs – went on and Christmas  was  finally and undoubtedly in the air.


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Without a doubt, these three met with an unexpected fate.

three pumpkins

Lovingly placed out on the curb

With hopes that no one would disturb.

The Squirrels, they didn’t seem to care

They gnawed and chewed, oh the despair!

Upon my lawn, they’ll be no more

Reveling as my decor.

Til trash day this is where they’ll sit

Unexpected, they’ll admit.

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Brussels Sprout – a cultivar in the Gemmifera (hey! that’s almost my name) group of cabbages, grown for it’s edible, layered, leafy buds.  These nasty (my opinion) green vegetables are tyically 2.5-4 cm in diameter and look like miniature cabbages. (Wikipedia – minus the opinion)

EDIBLE BUDS!  Yeah.  Right.  One of these might pass my lips!  As much as I love OWLS, I HATE BRUSSELS SPROUTS!  But I never knew they grew like this – on stalks, I mean.  And if it wasn’t for one of my favorite markets – Trader Joe’s – I might never have known.  They don’t look like this in other supermarkets, that I’ve seen.  I was kind of surprised that they grew on stalks, but then what do I know.  I won’t even eat the things.  I think they take a pretty picture, though.  Even brussels sprouts have to be good for something.



brussels sprouts

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Autumn = cooler weather
Cooler weather = falling leaves
Falling leaves = piles of color
Piles of color =  attraction
Attraction = curiosity
Curiosity = children
Children, leaves, piles, color, attraction, curiosity = fun!

brown leaf pinecone

Kids have a habit of flailing themselves into autumn’s leafy beds of brilliantly colored leaves. Ahhhh! To be a kid again, if only for just a little while. Long enough to join in on the fun and rekindle the habit of total lack of inhibition.

When’s the last time you did this?

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The best seat in the house.  Taken on the fourth of July, these people had to have a most fabulous view of the fireworks over the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, NJ.  I, on the other hand, had a glorious view of the horizon.


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I don’t think there’s any one color that expresses me.  But the continually changing, constantly shifting patterns and colors of a kaleidoscope would define me to a “T”.  Moody?  No.  Fickle?  Maybe. Erractic?  I hope not.  I like to think of myself as cheerfully unpredictable.


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