Climbing to the top

Feeling like a kid again

Vertigo sets in

Never been a fan of ‘the top’.  Not mountains or trees or skyscrapers.  Not airplanes. Not anything.  But, I’ve climbed a tree.  I’ve climbed Mount Washington.  Long ago I dined at Windows on the World – on the 107th floor of the World Trade Center.   I’ve flown.  Not me, personally, but on a plane, many a time. So, I’ve been to the top.   Sometimes you have to step outside your comfort zone.

Tree blurred

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Blissful Miss Spring:  Dear Old Man Winter, I’m begging you please. Move over.  Make room for the birds and some bees.

Old Man Winter:  Silly Miss Spring.  Get up off your knees.  I’m still not prepared to cut back on the freeze.

Blissful Miss Spring:  Sweet Old Man Winter,  oh, just a slight breeze.  One that will whistle through leaves in the trees.

Old Man Winter: Give a reason,  just one if you please.  A reason to bring back the birds and the bees.

Blissful Miss Spring:  Gosh, Old Man Winter.  Well – Geez Louise!  It’s just about time that you catch you some Z’s!

Looking forward to a blissful beginning to another new spring.  How about you?


This is in response to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Threshold, as well as a blogger-friend’s reminder that it is poetry month. (Janna)   (And I throw out the word “poetry” loosely!)

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And last, but not least, and my favorite…

Reflecting on a good day.

Reflecting on a good day.

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So glad you stopped by…


A glorious day.

Clouds are paintbrushed onto a blue sky.

Bare branches are reaching for the sun.

A chill clings persistently to the air, but the sun’s being much more cooperative than it has in a while.

We walk, hand in hand, taking in this glorious day.

Look.  Up in the sky.  A bird? A plane? Superman????  No!

At first glance, we think it’s a nest.

clouds with hive

But a closer look, and from a different perspective, and …

clouds with hive 2

Spring is just around the corner! Hang in.  I swear.  Better days are coming.

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In response to the WordPress Weekly Challenge.  I appreciate the visit.  Click on the WP icon for more on Perspective.


Michele W. @ WordPress has suggested the topic of “juxtaposition” for this week’s photo challenge.  The word itself, I’m sorry to say, leads me to compare my first language – English – with my command of the language – needs work.  I’m not sure I really have the concept of juxtaposition down, but maybe you can tell me.

Here’s what I came up with.

Metal posters displayed one next to the other for your viewing pleasure and to entice you to pick and choose.


Bright Light exhibit at the Discovery Museum in Cherry Hill, NJ.  A place where kids can experience science and nature and the wonders of the imagination. (Don’t think I didn’t participate!)

And last, but most certainly not least, me comparing myself to a new acquaintance, to see how successful my weight loss efforts have been.


Now you tell me?  Juxtaposition or just jibberish?

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