Ailsa, at wheresmybackpack, has suggested a tribute to the late Nelson Mandela, with a post depicted symbols.  She mentioned two that we display a great deal of in our homes. Peace and Freedom.  When I downloaded the photos, I thought “why doesn’t my husband tell me to STOP!”  Although I don’t think all peace symbols are equal, and I don’t buy every one I see, I didn’t realize how many I have.  But then, could there ever be enough PEACE?

Some of my collection of symbols…

Another reason I suppose my husband doesn’t complain is (first of all he’s so not a complainer, and second of all) because he has a collection or two of his own.

Jeff’s collection – Freedom…

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Nelson Mandela

(credit to The Philadelphia Inquirer for the photo)


Ailsa’s Travel Theme Challenge – SHORT


There’s a new fire chief in town.  He’s brave.  He’s bright.  He’s ready  for action.  There’s no better man – ah – boy –  for the job.  In this case, size doesn’t matter.

Z fire chief 2

My little (short?) friend and I delivered some much needed wrapping paper, tape, and ribbon to the Fire House yesterday.  They are looking for toys and gift wrapping for less fortunate children in the area.  People of Collingswood unite!  Grab an extra roll of wrap, a box of Legos, or a stuffed animal.  Whatever floats your boat.  But hop to it  Christmas is just around the bend.

The fireman on duty was kind enough to let my buddy sit in the fire truck and gave him a fire chief hat.  Look at the smile it brought to his face.  Imagine the smile you could bring to a child’s face this holiday season. If you’re not in this area, look into what’s needed in your town.  It’ll bring a smile to your face too!

Thanks for the visit and let me be one of the first to say have some safe and happy holidays.

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While out and about this weekend, I found what I think were appropriate subjects for Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week.  Though not much of a traveler, I did accumulate three different takes on the subject.  Tell me what you think.  Delicate? or Not so much.  And then travel over to Ailsa’s blog and see more delicate subjects from some seasoned travelers.  😉

A Christmas tree made of shells.  So delicate that I couldn’t buy it.  It was broken!

Whenever I’m in need of a pick-me-up, flowers always seem to do the trick.  Trader Joe’s  never let’s me down.

Yesterday, I spotted these ‘sailors’ .   This would not be my favorite mode of transportation, mainly because I am not a swimmer and I think it takes a delicate balance to keep you and your vehicle upright.  I did see a few of these sailboats tip precariously and that only reinforced my fears on the subject of sailing.  I also fell into a hole in the ground while making my way to the water’s edge.  Clearly not my cup of tea, this delicate business of boating.  But fun to watch.  Even if from a gopher hole!

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I have a collection of owls, of late.  It’s a fad.  I know.  But how could I not resist.  They have eyes that suck you in and beg you to take them home.  I’m sure, this fad will pass, but in the meantime, here is part of my collection.




I’ve been fussing with some apps.  Since Halloween is on the horizon, I thought I’d include these ghostly stones.  Happy Halloween – if you pay attention to that sort of thing.


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Monday through Friday, after stopping at my favorite Dunkin’ Donuts, I take a quick walk in order to pick my little 4 year old friend up from school.  He is a very inquisitive, interesting, and curious fella who points out a lot of what I photograph when we’re together.  Most of the time he wants to be in the picture.  Sometimes, not. I told him I needed ‘browns’ and we gathered these photos as a team.  I hope you enjoy our collaborated gallery of browns.

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Still waters run deep


Apparently, the people at 1201 didn’t have the time to dig too very deep.


It’s time for goblins, ghosts, and ghouls to run deep into the night.  BEWARE!  With all the crazy decorations out there, you’re bound to get scared out of your wits!  So, before you get knee deep in zombies and the like, creep on over to Ailsa’s @ and check out her challenge entries.  Click right here.  Yup.  Right there.


I’m not a fan of heights, but this is one height I can deal with.

Jeff and I had a fabulous Saturday.  First we drove south on the Garden State Parkway about 40 miles until we hit Cape May, NJ.  This is the last stop off the parkway.  It’s all about quaint shops, aromatic restaurants, giant old churches, sandy beaches, and more.  We walked, shopped, and enjoyed  a luscious lunch at Gecko’s Southwestern Restaurant in the middle of town.  After walking a little more, we both had a hankering for a good cup of joe, so we hopped into the Kia and headed back 25 miles north, to Ocean City, NJ.  This is one of Jersey’s more famous shore/resort cities, with, yes, you guessed it, shops, restaurant, churches, sandy beaches, and a rather extensive boardwalk.  WITH RIDES!  Jeff indulged my picture taking quirks and stood by as I clicked off a few shots of one of the rides I can still handle.

These are not the tallest of heights, but they still can provide you with a beautiful view of the ocean as well as the city.  It was a bit chilly so I begged off on the ride, but watched others soar to mini-heights as I captured their adventures. Then, finally, we headed off for that cup of joe.


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It would be wise to take a tip from our animal friends.  These critters  know how to relax.

Our neighbor’s cat comes to our door every so often.  We don’t feed him because her people say he’s covered in that area, so we respect that.  Apparently, Tripper doesn’t really care if you feed him or not.  Unconditional love.  🙂  He visits anyway.




He must find it very relaxing here.  In return, he gives me a chance for a little time out for myself.  We rest together on the deck.  I talk.  He listens.  Very relaxing.   I’m following his lead.

Our cat, Phoenix, seems to have a similar take on what’s important and what can wait.  She is THE MOST relaxed cat I know.  CATTITUDE!


She’s a fast learner or it’s just a cat thing.  (It’s the latter, I do believe.)

Not to digress, but I will.  Yesterday, after seeing Ailsa’s challenge, we went to dinner and this is what greeted us at the door.  I had to include it, just in the off chance, as corny as it is, that it makes you smile.  (one of my goals)

relaxing 1

Look closer

relaxing 2

UGH! I told you it was corny!

And of course, there’s our old pal, Rocky.  He and Phoenix are best buds, and I think he’s taking a few tips himself.

Now this dog’s perfected relaxing!

Relaxation at it's finest!

Relaxation at it’s finest!

We don’t tell him to go in there, he just does!

Have a relaxing weekend  –  and then some.  While you’re chillin’, stop off at Ailsa‘s blog for more on the art of Relaxation.



Today, September 21, is WORLD PEACE DAY  (for those of you across the pond and around the world, I’m sorry if this is late – but it’s never really too late.)  I am incorporating Alisa’s Travel Theme Challenge – Through with the hope that she is pleased rather than perturbed.  She has a fabulous blog and I thought it would be a nice place to rest this post.


Through faith, love, hope, prayer – whatever your religion, whatever your beliefs, look beyond hatred and find peace through whatever means is available to you.  Because, when you think about it, it’s up to every ‘you’ out there.


angel close up

If you missed the 12 noon moment of silence, have one of your own.


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