Apparently we are in the grips of a polar vortex.  It doesn’t take a genius or a meteorologist to know polar vortex equals COLD.  My car is telling me this!

temp pic framed

“C” is for COLD!  Which is just what it is around here.

The icicles hanging precariously from our gutters are another indication.


As COLD as it was, my son broke out the shovel and my husband, the snow blower.  Me?  I thought supervising – from inside a warm, cozy house – was the smart thing to do.

snow jan 2014

Cover up, people and stay warm.  I hear it’s not over yet.

A-Z Frizz challenge

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Tuesday is A-Z alphabet challenge day and frizz @ flickrcomments has started another round of Alphabet challenges.

The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia splashed their second most popular exhibit in the  Philadelphia Inquirer this week, and it works for this week’s letter “B”.


Dinosaurs are the most popular exhibit, but “D”s not for two more Tuedays.  “B” is for beautiful, bountiful, brilliant, butterflies.

butterfly Inquirer 2

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!  Or better yet, if you’re in the neighborhood, visit the museum.  It is on my list of to-do’s.

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I have the worst time getting to all the posts.  I don’t always have photos that apply.  I don’t always have the time.   I do what I can, which we all are doing, I hear.  But I couldn’t let frizz’s A-Z  challenge for RRR get by without showcasing my sidekick – Rocky.


As much as he loves me, he was missing his ‘dad’.  I wonder what he’s thinking.

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A-Z Frizz challenge


Not too long ago, Jeff and I made our wish-list-visit to the local cycle shop.  This was hanging in the back of the place.  It says it all.

A one Hundred year Heritage of riding with respect



This was mine – 10 years ago.  Those days are gone but the love of riding remains.

HHH is for Harely.


HHH is for Happy on a Handsome Harley 🙂

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frizztext a to z



ffflag panorama

Having been a teacher, I don’t know why it took me so long to join in the FrizzText A-Z Photo Challenge.  Of course I didn’t graduate college and become a teacher til I was 51.  Now if that doesn’t make me a procrastinator!  So, as is my M.O., I’m late and coming in on the F’s and I’m not sure I’ll make it to all the challenges (also my M.O), but here’s my FFF’s – and I know I’m being obvious, but I’m coming in with FLAG!

ffflag 5

This beautiful property down the road a piece from our shore house is flanked with miniature flags.  Then, last night, we were taken by surprise when we went into town back home, and they were holding a National Nite Out in Collingswood.  The flag was not so miniature there.  Appropo though.  No?

ffflag 2

ffflag 3ffflag 4

Well, that was FUN!  Now, make your way over to FrizzText blog  by clicking here and see more of his challenge.  And for an extra treat, you can listen to Frizz and his magical guitar on SoundCloud while you’re perusing.