Here in the good ol’ U S of A, my vehicle would be considered “foreign”.   Well, be that as it may,  this American LOVES her “foreign” car.

I first purchased a ’65 foreigner in 1968. It was a blue four-speed VW Bug.  Now that, at the time, was “foreign” to me.  I didn’t know the first thing about driving that thing.  But I took to the hills, literally, and learned real fast about how to use an emergency break when the nose of my stick shift sweety was pointed at a 30 degree angle.

Since then, I’ve owned a ’61 bug, a 70 Karmen Ghia, a 64 VW bus (ahhhhh, memories!) and now, introducing, ta-da, my lastest “foreign’ car – my 2003 VW convertible beetle.  Ain’t she sweet?  🙂


And this girl goes nowhere without her trusty sidekick, Minkey the monkey.  I’m not sure, but I think he might be foreign, too.  He’s got that adorable, exotic, dark, handsome look about him.  😆

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