Cheri Lucas Rowlands @ WordPress is asking us to show our interpretation of Beginning.  I took advantage of her wording – variety of submissions – and decided it was about time I posted about the beginning of a new love affair.

In a previous post, I mentioned my dislike  for the likes of Brussels Sprouts.  Yes!  Brussels Sprouts.

I was immediately met with comments about the wonders of this tiny cabbage-like veggie.  I was given advice and recipes.  I was chastised and cajoled.  I was coaxed into cooking it and promised I would find pleasure in it’s taste and texture.

So after 62 years of going sans the sprout, I purchased a bag, handed it to the cook of the house, and told him to have at it!  And he did.  And I’m glad.  Thanks to everyone that took the time to bug me about Brussels Sprouts.

The beginning of a new love affair.

Oh and of course, thanks to the cook of the house!

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New week. New Challenge.  Yep.  And this one challenges me yet again.  From Ese’s Voice – an intriguing new journey, sure to sharpen the skills of the mind and the eye.  This week – Beginning.  Find a quote (credit it), put a photo to your choice of words, (or the other way around,)  link to Ese’s blog, and we’re off on another stimulating adventure.

The beginning is the most important part of work.”   Plato

We all have to start somewhere.

We all have to start somewhere.

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Thank you for visiting my blog.  I appreciate the ‘likes’, ‘comments’, and perusing that you all do and hope to see you find your way back.