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Been to PA recently.  There are a number of which ways to use from where I am to there I am.   Here’s a few shots of the in’s and out’s of Philadelphia, in response to Cee’s Which Way Challenge.   There may be a little bit of blur.  Tough taking shots without getting out of a moving vehicle!

ww bridge 1

ww bridge 4

ww bridge 5ww bridge 6

ww bridge 3

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Cee, @ ceephotography.com has presented yet another challenge. Bridges.  I’m afraid I’ve posted most of my bridges.   So I guess I’m not rising to the occasion  and I need to do more pointing and clicking  and maybe the next time some says “bridges” I’ll be ready.  But for now, here’s what’s left of my bridge crossings.   Maybe less is more.  🙂

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“There are so many paths.”

Yup, there are.”

“Do you know which to choose?”

“Well.  I’d think that would be up to the individual.”

“What’s at the end of each path?”

“I’ve heard they’re all very different.”

“Have you taken any of these?”


“How did you know which one you wanted to walk down?”

“It was easy.”

“So.  How did you decide?”

“Well, I knew that down one path I’d find Strength. Down another, Hope. “

“And the others?”

“Wisdom, Knowledge, Opportunity, Love.  The list is long.”

“Are they all good paths?”

“No.  There’s Hate, Darkness, Dispair.”

“But how?  How did you know which to choose.”

Barclay - wooden path

Barclay – wooden path

path Collingswood

Collingswood – Wooden Bridge

Brigantine - Sea Wall walkway

Brigantine – Sea Wall walkway

Walkway to a New Future

Walkway to a New Future

Path along Barclay trail

Path along Barclay trail

Barclay - stone path

Barclay – stone path

”  It may sound strange, and a little bit scary, but it was something I felt.  I had a choice, and I just knew I didn’t want Hate, Darkness, or Dispair.  Any one of the other paths meant a good future for me.  I could feel myself being drawn to the goodness.  From there, it was easy.”

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Stopping on a bridge, in the distance down river from where I rest, I see a similar bridge.  I wonder, “Could that be the bridge I was meant to cross?”

Then something inside my heart tells me “No.”

New Hope - Lambertville Bridge - Delaware River

New Hope – Lambertville Bridge – Delaware River

Right now, in this moment, I am meant to be here.  I’m sure of that.  I’ll cross that bridge, that one in the distance, I’ll cross it when I come to it.

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(I’m standing on the bridge that connects Lambertville, NJ and New Hope, PA – two really neat cities that invite you to shop, dine, or  just stroll and grab a cup o’ Joe.)