Did someone say it had to be an ENTIRE WINDOW?

Last week, Jeff and I purchased two new bikes – our other bikes were claimed by Hurricane Sandy.  From some bad luck comes good.  We got way better bikes this time, and when we parked them in the garage for safe keeping, this is what we saw.

This beauty emerged right on our garage window – which apparently needs a good paint job.  The window, not the moth (I say moth. Jeff says butterfly. – Any takers???)

This isn’t a whole window, but Dawn never said it had to be, so…

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I was so excited when I spotted this in my garden late  yesterday afternoon.  I told myself that I would be using this for a post for sure!  And then, along comes Jake‘s challege.  I was all “Yahoo!”

I am no entomologist (and yes, I googled it), so if anyone knows the name of this butterfly/moth, please feel free to comment. 

Ah. Feel free to comment anyway.  Even if you aren’t an expert of le magnifique  papillion. (I knew that one 🙂 )

Makes me think of a beautiful ballerina

And just because I thought these were also very cute…

Though they look very similar, I see a difference in the tips of the bees’ wings.  When I enlarged the photo  on the computer screen, I was amazed at the intricate beauty of those wings.

I hope you enjoyed the close-ups and encourage you to click here for more.

Many thanks Jake.