In a little antique shop in New Hope, PA, off the beaten path, I found two old church windows.  They’re not in the church of course.  They are windows in the window. 🙂

New Hope window

Pretty, no?  The owner is in the process of trying to find out which church these windows came from, so I don’t have that info, but I think they look good in the window.

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Thursday Lingering Look At Windows Week 3

Every day, people are straying away from the church and going back to God.

LENNY BRUCE, The Essential Lenny Bruce

Something to ponder.

I know I did church windows for Dawn’s Lingering Look post last week, but I couldn’t pass these up. These precious little panes are paving a path to the sky. Be ye a believer or be ye not, be you a church goer or be you not, church windows a worth a lingering look. Even a second lingering look.


Not to be a pain, but I think you should make your way to Dawn‘s Lingering Look at Windows. Just click on the link.