Talk about unaware!  I was just that – unaware that I had any candid photo.  Just goes to show you.  You never know what you have til you take a good, hard look.

These first two photos are pictures of my little charge.  I watch this cutie five days a week, and if you’re familiar with my blog, you know that he is not shy when it comes to the camera.  But, as luck would have it, I got him in his unawares. 😉029


This boy is all about learning, and planets and how the human body works, and he soaks it up like a sponge. Someday, I’ll share a video of him teaching me about space.  Precious!

This gentleman just looked very interesting to me.  I practically never take candid shots, but I do remember doing this one.  I was being very sneaky, and I felt guilty as hell!  Just call me Double Oh Doofus.  (I shot this in B&W, hence, the B&W.)


This photo was taken in the same diner as the gentlemen above.  She was the hostess and that hair do, in my eyes, made her the hostess with the mostess.  I LOVE THAT DO! Color and all.


Well, that’s it for my covert operations.  Slip on over to Cee’s and spy with your little eye, a little more on the clueless unaware.  Click on the icon below…cees-fun-foto



Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken. ~ Warren Buffett

🎵🎵🎵 ”You can get anything you want, at Alice’s Restaurant.” 🎵🎵🎵
Ok. Maybe not Alice’s. More like Amy’s but YUM! 200 variety of omlettes?!?! What’s not to like?

And last but not least, well. You tell me. It may be pretty obvious, but I’ll give you a clue, just in case … Aloha `oe, aloha `oe
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In a little cafe, just the other side of the  highway…

It wasn’t really a cafe, it was a diner. But that’s not how the song goes.

Then again, in the song, it was “the other side of the border”, but there’s no border here. Just highway.

Have I lost you, yet?  I’m confusing myself.  Nevertheless, the walls of this cafe/diner on the other side of the border/highway are decorated with a potpourri of items, that to me, seem to have no rhyme or reason. Yet I love to eat there, always looking for what’s new in wall ornaments.  As you enter the building you see a couple of paintings.  Then you see a myriad of trinkets, signs, bottles, and what-all-else hanging everywhere.  It’s hard to eat without spinning your head, Linda Blair style – well almost Linda Blair style. (are you to young for that reference?)

The wall paintings are pretty cool, but the artist made at least one error in each picture.  Can you guess what they are?

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Thanks to Ailsa for hosting another interesting challenge.  And thanks to y’all for browsing, liking, viewing, and/or commenting.  I do appreciate your visit.

Credit to Jay and the Americans for the cafes and borders 🙂