Fishing off of one of these beauties would be a dream come true.  I’ve fished off the shore.  I’ve cast my line from a dinky dingy.  And a  small charter boat has even seen the likes of me.  Heck! I’ve even reeled in a flounder that made it to the kitchen table. But this would be the ultimate fishing adventure for this girl.

This week’s photo challenge – ADVENTURE.


For now, I’ll just keep on dreaming…

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Hmmmm. If you have truly been a follower, then you’ll not have to guess. If you know anything at all about  me, you know my favorite spot can only be *drum roll*…

Yes, you guessed it.


The Beach.  Where I can walk, feeling the sand and waves squish through my toes.

Where I can bird watch,

People watch,

Or watch as a father teaches his son to shoot the curls. 🙂

But the best watching being done at My Spot was that of the dancing of the dolphins.  Sadly, I have yet to get a fabulous shot of these graceful creatures, but still, it was fun trying.  Believe it or not, I actually starting jogging down the beach in order to keep up with them, trying to get the perfect ‘pose’.  Not an easy feat for these old feet.  Either I was exhausted by the uncharacteristic dash down the dunes or those guys are just too fast for me.  This was the best I could do – for now.

Any season, any time, the beach is my favorite spot.  Can you blame me?

I’ve enjoyed taking you on a tour of my favorite spot.   Stop by Jakesprinters for more great pix.