ffflag panorama

Having been a teacher, I don’t know why it took me so long to join in the FrizzText A-Z Photo Challenge.  Of course I didn’t graduate college and become a teacher til I was 51.  Now if that doesn’t make me a procrastinator!  So, as is my M.O., I’m late and coming in on the F’s and I’m not sure I’ll make it to all the challenges (also my M.O), but here’s my FFF’s – and I know I’m being obvious, but I’m coming in with FLAG!

ffflag 5

This beautiful property down the road a piece from our shore house is flanked with miniature flags.  Then, last night, we were taken by surprise when we went into town back home, and they were holding a National Nite Out in Collingswood.  The flag was not so miniature there.  Appropo though.  No?

ffflag 2

ffflag 3ffflag 4

Well, that was FUN!  Now, make your way over to FrizzText blog  by clicking here and see more of his challenge.  And for an extra treat, you can listen to Frizz and his magical guitar on SoundCloud while you’re perusing.



I’m putting in a plug for Red Robin.  I’m not saying we had the classiest dinner last night, but you gotta love a place that let’s you substitute!  It drives me crazy when I don’t want fries and I can’t have a side salad or veggies in place of those fries without someone charging me extra.  You mean to tell me I don’t have to have the fries, but you’ll charge me for the fries, AND the side I ask for because, what?  It confuses you?

Sorry.  I had to get that off of my chest.

So here’s to Red Robin, and their ability to deal with SUBSTITUTIONS and look at the baseballs arranged into a flag that is hanging on the wall near the bar.

Maybe they could have used golf balls in the ‘stars’ section of the flag to get the entire state count in, but hey…