Watching kids has its advantages.  You get to play with toys.  And, you get lots of photo ops.  This is some kind of light up block thingy that is very cool in color.  But since this is black and white, I will save the color pic for another post.  My little buddy said we should shut the lights and take a pic.  Ok.  So the ideas are not always mine.  He just happened to make this brilliant suggestion on the day that Cee posted this challenge. (I’m just a day late and a dollar short with the post, as usual.) This is the B&W version (or as my little buddy says, “virgin”.  (He keeps me in giggles.) image And this is a bowl of kiwi and one loan apple.  Time for a supermarket road trip! image This had a little Tooncamera app enhancement. (Thanks for the turn on to the app, Allan.)

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