I took the advice a blogger friend and embarked on a head-clearing walk.  A rather poor night’s sleep does not do wonders for the spirit, so I thought a walk would help.

And speaking of spirits – ok. Bad segue.  I know. –  I’m noticing that the Halloween Spirit, is becoming a Hollywood Production anymore. Remember when we hung cardboard pumpkins, cats, and witches in the window? Maybe a real pumpkin or two got placed on the lawn or carved and placed in the window with a candle that melted it’s insides. Now the following pix are not extraordinary, but we had nothing like this when I was a kid. 

I present, my Halloween creepy, oddball captures…
Now at my house things are a little more subdued.


Whatever your choice of Halloween decor, pick your poison and have a happy and safe day and night.image


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You’re probably going to see a good amount of Halloween posts this month, but tis the season.  Yes. This time of year you can’t spin around twice without seeing a goblin, draped in Christmas lights, holding a turkey leg.  Yes. They have gone and mushed all three holidays together in the malls and department stores.  (Do they still call them department stores?) And YES. I’m doing Halloween.

Here’s my entry for a soft pastel witchy post.  Edits done in PicsArt.


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I have a collection of owls, of late.  It’s a fad.  I know.  But how could I not resist.  They have eyes that suck you in and beg you to take them home.  I’m sure, this fad will pass, but in the meantime, here is part of my collection.




I’ve been fussing with some apps.  Since Halloween is on the horizon, I thought I’d include these ghostly stones.  Happy Halloween – if you pay attention to that sort of thing.


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Still waters run deep


Apparently, the people at 1201 didn’t have the time to dig too very deep.


It’s time for goblins, ghosts, and ghouls to run deep into the night.  BEWARE!  With all the crazy decorations out there, you’re bound to get scared out of your wits!  So, before you get knee deep in zombies and the like, creep on over to Ailsa’s @ wheresmybackpack.wordpress.com and check out her challenge entries.  Click right here.  Yup.  Right there.


DD coffeeFriday morning, I walked into my favorite Dunkin’ Donuts shop for my much needed cup of coffee, like I do Monday through Friday.   I don’t need to order because they remember – medium black coffee, please.  I sit at the recently wiped table with my iPad and my java, and go about reading, commenting, and firing off posts.  Imagine how excited I was when I saw the WordPress challenge for this week – Good Morning.  I say this because this place is – five days a  week – the start of my “good morning”.

On this particular morning this particular coffee shop was being evaluated.  Well, I couldn’t let this opportunity go by.  I am always telling my family and friends, what a clean, friendly, comfortable environment the DD on route 70 has. Rekta is ready and waiting with a smile on her face and my coffee on the counter before I even get half way across the floor.  Raj, the manager, is constantly making sure things are clean and presentable to the influx of customers.  I sit, drink, blog, and watch for an hour 5 days a week.  This is the place to go for a great cup of coffee, a latte, muffins, and whatever all else you might want to devour, all in a clean and relaxing environment.  They are a part of my Good Mornings and I want people to know it.  So I hunted down the men doing the inspection and let them have it.  I raved about and applauded this place and the staff and told them I would blog about it.  I wanted to say something good, and positive, and kind and I wanted the proper people to hear it.  They seemed pleased.  I know I was.

The day before inspection, I took these shots.  DD’s  (201 Marlton Pike, Cherry Hill, NJ)  was decorated from ceiling to floor – from wall to wall.  I’ve been going here for about 8 months now, and I gotta tell ya, these people are just as sweet as their frosted donuts!

The Staff – not everyone was there this day, but everyone is friendly and they all help make my morning good.

dd staff 2

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