This woman is not a world traveler – or much of a traveler at that.  (not ’cause I don’t want to. Just cause it’s not in the cards at present) So pix of windows are a tough row to hoe for me.  But having a place at the Jersey Shore lends itself to a few more choices than when we’re at home.  I do, I believe, owe an apology to my dear blog-buddy, Dawn.  She’s the host of this (true) challenge, and I’ve tried to keep up, but it’s just not happening. That said…

Dear Dawn,

Sorry I missed a few “Window Weeks”.  I have been enjoying the view from the windows you and others have posted, but alas, I’ve been amiss. (is that a word?) But, now,  I am back – YAY! Right?  Whatever, girlfriend.  Here is my entry.

If you haven’t been to the Jersey Shore, do try to put it on your to-do list.  As they say in Atlantic City, DO AC.  There’s also OC, and Brigantine, and Wildwood, and Stone Harbor, and Cape May.  There are zoos and beaches and casinos and rides and so, so many restaurants.  I’m sure you heard, We’re Stronger Than The Storm, and things have been improving tremendously after the Hurricane Sandy devastation, so do DO NJ.  (and no, this is not a public service announcement from our illustrious governor.) 🙂

Visit Dawn’s blog @ .  She’s not hawking Jersey.  She’s just got some cool pix to share.