There’s a guy living in Oregon named Bob. I’m sure there are many Bobs in Orgeon, but this Bob is special. He takes a lot of very cool photos, and he seems very nice.  A friend of mine directed me to his blog, and the first thing I come across is a challenge!  AHHHHHH!  I am so not ready for another challenge since I can’t even keep up with the ones I know of now! But Bob’s seems fun too, so I figure, what the heck.  

Bob says he wishes to start a challenge for Sundays asking that you post a photo you would love to have framed and hanging on your wall.  Easy, right?  So today, while my husband and I walked Rocky through a nearby park, I clicked a little.  Here’s one of the shots I thought, “Now, that would look nice in the hallway.”  Whaddaya think?

Frozen lake

Drop by Bob’s by clicking on the icon below.  You won’t be disappointed.