No words can explain these, ah, sculptures.  We pass these when we are heading down to the Jersey shore for a little R&R.  One day, I will stop and ask, “What the…?” But til then, no words… Ok.  Maybe two words, ODD BALL.







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“Greatness is a road leading towards the unknown.”  ~ Charles de Gaulle

Must have been an awful lot of greatness on this road!


One is the loneliest number. I feel a song coming on.  Not that I ever understood that little ditty by Three Dog Night  But I disagree.  I think “one” can be a good thing.  Not necessarily lonely.  It’s all in your perspective.

And here’s my perspective on ONE…from a photographic point of view.

one angel

See.  One can be refreshing.  Soothing. Peaceful.  Pleasant. Kinda nice.

One of a kind Z

ONE tells us we are unique individuals.  That’s kinda cool.

cork in a bottle

Sometimes you bite the bear and sometimes the bear bites you.

One cork.

Kinda brilliant on my part!

P.S.  I drank the vino anyway. 😉

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Little by little, it’s getting here.  Spring!  I can tell by the pinwheels on the lawn.  What?  Well I don’t know if this is an official sign of spring, but, when someone decides it’s time to put these colorful lawn decorations out, I’m guessing they’re telling us spring is just around the corner.  When I saw this a month ago, I was thrilled.  Spring!  Yahoo! Finally! 

spring pinwheels

Now, which corner was it that spring was around?

Mother Nature needs to get with it!  She’s either sleeping on the job, or old man winter has her held captive.  The news people threatened us with frost last night, and told everyone to bring in their plants.  I don’t know who told them they make the rules, but I wore capris and a short-sleeved t-shirt today (and a soft, warm sweatshirt over the top of it all).  Yes. I’m stubborn.

Just down the street from this house is a business district that also welcomes the season in with giant flower pots, painted by local artists.  They’ve been doing this for some time now, so the pots are a bit worst for wear, but still – SPRING!  There were too many for one gallery, so bear with me. I posted two. 😀


I hope you’re enjoying your spring, if spring is what you’re having.  If not, I hope this brought a little sunshine into your day.  Please click on the icon below and stop over at Cee’s blog for a look at more of the spring season.


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Ridiculous, I know.  But I couldn’t resist.  When I saw this I had to have a shot of it.  Even on a bad day, he makes me laugh.  I find it interesting the way his cigar, hat, glasses, and boots contrast the rest of him and his “lounge chair”.

Old man at peace with his life

Old man at peace with his life

But then I think, he looks so pleased with his situation.   Comfortable, rested, settled.  In no hurry to get anywhere, do anything.  Harmless.

In contrast with the way the world looks to me today.  Sometimes the smile he brings to me is accompanied by a tear.

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The most UNIQUE library “lawn ornaments I’ve ever seen.

Each day this couple can be found relaxing on the front lawn of the Cherry Hill Library in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Day in, day out. Sun, rain, snow, sleet, hail, you name it.  They’re there.  She with her shoes and handbag thrown off to one side.  Him with his jacket placed carefully on the grass, his head resting on The New York Times.

I kid you not when I say I had to do a double take.  Maybe I don’t get out much, but I think this is about the most unusual couple to ever decorate a patch of grass.


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