Revel panorama

There’s a new casino in town.  Well, maybe not new.  But as the AT&T guy says in the commercial: new-ER.  This week, I thought I’d concentrate on  one place for Dawn’s Lingering Look at Windows.  Just because there are so many of them.  And don’t ask.  NO!  I don’t do windows.  But you might want to DO AC.  It’s an interesting place to visit.  Bring a camera!

Revel windows 1

Revel windows 2

Revel windows 3

The following is a view from the inside, out.

From the lobby to the ocean in one easy hop!

From the lobby to the ocean in one easy hop!

And the inside has a wet-your-whistle window display…

A plethora of liquor-a!

A plethora of liquor-a!

If you should be passing through on your way to, wherever, stop by.  You are always Welcome in New Jersey.

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A trip to the Discovery Museum and a whimsical look at windows.


(see there are some windows in the background, too)


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This is week 14 for Dawn’s Lingering Look at Windows.  I missed week 13 and that kind of made me feel like I wanted to do something special.  Maybe it will only be special to me, but that’s OK. 

It’s been an ugly week.  Watching the news is like a lesson in futility.  Or at least I thought so.  Then a blogger friend of mine, who was deeply angered by the ugly events at the Boston Marathon, presented me with a challenge.  She asked if one of us found a reason for hope, we should let the other one in on the secret.  In no time, she beat me to the punch.

I really hope Dawn doesn’t mind me using her blog for such an enlightening purpose.  Dawn, you’re the best and I will get to my windows I swear.  I just want to mention that, no matter what ugliness there is in the world, no matter how horrible and scary things get, we need to have hope.  I certainly would love for everyone to click over to Dawn’s blog, at lingering visions, but, I also encourage you to take in the magic of music on Touch2Touch‘s blog – and believe that there’s hope.

Now for my windows…

This is a photo of a window at a garden center. You might have heard me mention Bob’s.  The people are my family.  My maternal grandparents, aunt, uncles, and my mom – in the white hat.  She’s 90 now.  The others are gone, but the memories remain.  This window is a look into my families past.

Love you, mom.

Love you, mom.

Same window – me – looking into the future, and seeing the results of Hope.



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Washington Chapel – Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

There is a small, quaint chapel in Valley Forge, PA.  The rest of the church building is large enough to house these beautiful windows. This place takes my breath away. The history, the architecture.  From the first step you take into the structure, you are seriously blown away.

Enjoy the magic.

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If it weren’t for the ridiculous taxes and the small town politics, my town would be the place to be.  As a matter of fact, I do believe that’s our motto around here.  Collingswood, the place you want to be.  The biggest draws around town are the shops and restaurants.  WordPress can’t accommodate all the windows in one tiled gallery, so I picked out some of my favorites.

No lie!  There are so many fantastic restaurants, from Italian to Asian.  From Italian to Mexican. From Italian to Indian. From – did I say Italian?  Well you get my drift.

If you want to get your hair done before going to dinner, we’ve got that, too.  Or should I say, got those, too.  I can think of four salons off the top of my head. (no pun intended) You really have to see it to appreciate it, so if you’re ever in the area, stop on the avenue.  You won’t be disappointed.

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