OK.  He’s not as big as a mountain, or as vast as the sky.  And Ailsa has two most beautiful photos of those right here on her blog.  Yes.  Click.  Right here!  But I think he’s a moth and if he is HE’S BIG!  (If he’s a butterfly, not so big, but I’m hoping someone knows the answer to that.)

Jeff and I went to one of our favorite breakfast spots (The Black Horse Diner), and there we found this big guy, with BIG ideas.  I mean, honestly.  Is he really going to read that whole newspaper all by himself?

I think someone out there knows what this is.  Maybe Jen, or Judith?  Maybe Russel?  Allan, Adrian? Gen?  (I would have linked back to your posts but I didn’t know if you wanted all the attention.  Let me know, and of course I will next time.)   🙂


EXTRA! EXTRA!  Read all about it!

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!

Intellectual Insect?

Intellectual Insect?

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Did someone say it had to be an ENTIRE WINDOW?

Last week, Jeff and I purchased two new bikes – our other bikes were claimed by Hurricane Sandy.  From some bad luck comes good.  We got way better bikes this time, and when we parked them in the garage for safe keeping, this is what we saw.

This beauty emerged right on our garage window – which apparently needs a good paint job.  The window, not the moth (I say moth. Jeff says butterfly. – Any takers???)

This isn’t a whole window, but Dawn never said it had to be, so…

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