Here I am – again – Sharing My World with Cee at ceephotography, and with YOU!  Please do read and then play along.  Or at least stop by Cee’s and check out what some other bloggers have to share.

Question # 1…

If you could be a tree or plant, what would you be? 

I think I’d be the might oak.  Big, strong, air of confidence.  Probably sees a lot of action – squirrels, birds, insects, wind, rain, some soft, some wild breezes.  Yes.  An oak.

Question numero dos…

If you were an ice cream cone how many scoops and flavors would you be and why?

I would be one scoop of real homemade blueberry – we are the blueberry capital, one scoop of chocolate peanut butter – ate that every day for 9 months when I was pregnant with my sweet son, and one scoop of butter pecan – the ice cream of choice when I was little and lucky enough to get to go out for ice cream, which wasn’t often. Three scoops – of memories.

Gemma iPhone Pics 142

Question # drei…

What type of pets do you have or want?

We have a long haired german shepherd – (frizz, do you see a pattern here? 🙂 ) 564565and a black cat.  If I could, I would have a horse.  I use to ride in my younger days and miss that a lot.  Even just to be able to pet one of those handsome animals again would give me a thrill.


And numero quatro…

Where do you hide junk when people come over?

Junk? JUNK?!?!?!?!  I have no junk!  Everything I have I NEED!  (pssst…in the closet.)

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When you work (hang out) with a four year old, 5 days a week, you are bound to run into a little splash of color. And you get to play – A LOT!








I spotted the Bella balloon and couldn’t resist, since that was the alternate name I chose for one of Cee’s Share Your World questions this week.

And the last is a plug for The Garden State – why I don’t know since our taxes exceed most other states. Maybe if I advertise NJ enough, our illustrious governor will cut back a little. Ah. No. Probably not.


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There’s a super park in Cherry Hill, NJ where I bring my little ‘charges‘.  It’s a quick stroll down the road a piece and makes for some pretty fun photo opportunities.  Apparently, the community has set up a garden in Barclay Farmstead.  I see people every so often, tending to their own little corner of their gardening world – straw hats on heads, tiny spades in hand.   This is the first year I’ve had the chance to see the flowers and veggies in full bloom.  Some are cared for more diligently than others, but it’s a fabulous site to see, nonetheless.  Last week I spotted, hidden among the flowers, the last of this seasons plump, juicy Jersey tomatoes.  I walked the perimeter to see if there was a way to get a closer look but, for good reason I suppose, there was a gate, and it was locked.  More than anything else that I could see, there were lots and lots of flowers.

Approaching the garden

Approaching the garden

Walk on…

Getting closer to those ripe tomatoes!

Getting closer to those ripe tomatoes!

I can’t get in!  But it appears that this guy, hidden in the flora and vegetation, did…

Hidden in the garden

Hidden in the garden

And now, he can’t get out!

Hidden in plain sight

Hidden in plain sight

His body language screams frustration!  I hope he at least gets to taste some of those rosy tomatoes.  Jersey has the best!

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Back again for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge.  Another excellent adventure. 🙂

house 8

I got in my car yesterday and took a few shots of my neighborhood.  I live between the bay and the ocean and the houses reflect that “beachy” quality.  There are so many more that are worth taking a look at, and maybe someone will hold another “Houses” challenge.  Then I’ll get back in my car and scope out more of the neighborhood.  Til then…

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Yesterday, I rousted my self up bright and early.  I hadn’t been doing that lately, and I was determined to get up and walk to the beach before the noon day sun made its way across the sky.  I’ve been lazy.  Ugh!

The beach has been revamped since the Hurricane Sandy devastation, so it’s been a trek in itself to get from the seawall to the water’s edge, but my feet finally touched down on the ripples by 6:45.  I walked with the sun to my back.  There were a few runners, walkers, fishermen, and dogs.  It had its usual meditative quality.  That’s a good thing and it made for a great morning.

I could feel the sun on my shoulders and hear gulls laughing.  They were laughing at me.  They have seen me there enough times, trying like crazy to get off a picture of one of them that I thought worthy of publishing on my post.  Those birds are fast!

The heat sensation was stronger than their mocking laughter, so I turned to look, ignoring those little hyenas.   Gulls were circling, coasting, dive-bombing.  This time, I wasn’t concerned with getting off a shot of them. 

No matter what your beliefs, no matter how you imagine we got here, no matter how you think this was created, this world, my friends, is a masterpiece.

beach morning

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For Jeff and I, there is nothing better than being at the beach.  A walk along the water’s edge last night and this is what we saw.  Now.  Do you get where we’re coming from?

Brigantine Beach, NJ Stronger than the Storm

Brigantine Beach, NJ
Stronger than the Storm

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When I think curves, I think shapely.  Comes from a time when Monroe and Hayworth were a big part of my generation, I suppose.  Since I’m not surrounded by those types of curves and the days of my curves are waning, I thought I’d go with the more traditional definition of the word.  Although, I think curves can be sexy, even if they’re not part of a shapely torso.  Just ask my friend, Judith, at A View From The Woods. 🙂

This flower curved its petal to protect? comfort? hug? another bud.  So sweet and gentle.

A gentle embrace

A gentle embrace

Some curves, in the true sense of the word…

Yes, it is a humongous heart!  See the couple relaxing on their beach chairs?  That’ll give you a perspective on how big that heart really is.  Someone is soooooooo loved.

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