When I first read the title of Jake’s new challenge, this is what came to mind…

Now that I’ve got that song in my head (and possibly you do too – don’t thank me), these are some of my choices for reflection.

Reflection in the Atlantic

Fishing boat heading out – Atlantic City, NJ

Sun and more reflecting off of Revel Casino, AC, NJ

And of course, beach reflection of two out of three grand kids 🙂

Clouds, welcome arch, and Pedro reflecting off of my car at South of the Border, North Carolina/South Carolina 

My son and reflections off of the Apple Headquarters, NYC

OK.  I’m done reflecting for now.  Hope you saw something pleasing to the eye, and thanks to Jake for another fun challenge. Click on the dragon to take in more reflections.

If you dropped by, commented, liked, or just browsed around, thank you for the visit.  You are always welcome to stop back any time. 🙂



Philadelphia skyline

Rocky Balboa – Outside of The Museum of Modern Art

The next three photos grabbed my attention while driving the streets of Philly.

The following were taken by my son during one of his visits New York City.  I think he has a great eye for the art of photoplay. But then, I’m biased :-).

And last, but most certainly not least, my son’s gorgeous girlfriend having a little fun in the city.

For more of Urban photography, click  on the LOVE 🙂