Today we made a quick trip uptown to grab a book at the library and were pleasantly surprised that the parking meters were in the ‘off’ position  – a holiday gift that the town bestows on us each year.  We had forgotten about this little treat, so since there was no hurry to relinquish the space, we decided to cruise the avenue.

Our first stop was the local Christmas tree shop.  I searched for circles, this week’s theme hosted by Ailsa at wheresmybackpack, but it appears circles are in not a big thing when it comes to browsing through Scotch Pines.  I snapped a pic of this decorative cabbage and, after sniffing a spruce or two, we moved on.

circles 1

Our next stop was the Sweet Shop.  I did a little better there.  We found cookies and candy and some circular boxes filled with all kinds of gummies.  The strip on the wall – does anyone remember those?

I’m a sucker for a giant lollipop!

(Ugh! Sorry)

Next stop, the town’s newest shop, Blue Moon.  We stopped in for a taste, as was advertised in the Collingswood Patch, and we were not disappointed.  This place is oozing with olive oils that were vying for space with vinegarettes.  After a bit of taste-testing, we made off with a Chipotle Olive Oil and, my favorite, Fig Balsamic Vinegarette.

circles 7

A little more strolling around town and then off for a cup of coffee and some giant, colorful cookies.

circles 8

    circles 6

All in all a good day of circle searching.

With all the hustle and bustle and running in circles, while hunting down presents and mailing out cards, remember the meaning and don’t lose the feeling, spread kindness and love and lots of good cheer.  Be kind. Smile. Relax.  Breathe.

circles 9

Drop on over to Ailsa’s @ wheresmybackpack by clicking here, rather than taking the circuitous route. 😆