I’ve always wanted my own space.   A retreat, I suppose.  A  quiet spot where I could close the door and shut out the sounds of the street.  Somewhere to sit in quiet contemplation.  A no-stress,  peaceful corner – my own little world.  Ailsa’s challenge encouraged me to set the wheels in motion.  A slow, restful motion. .  It’s just a start, but I feel it’s a good one.  Welcome to my peaceful place.  Enter quietly, please.

I think everyone should have just such a place.  Apparently, I’m not the only one in the house that needs a place for peaceful contemplation.

peaceful dog

Rocky, the meditating dog


This challenge is hosted by Ailsa @ wheresmybackpack.


It looks to me as though Potsy found a peaceful place to rest his weary bones.  A place to get away, relax, rest, meditate, become inspired, or just chill when your tired.  A garden is the perfect place to kick back and let the sun shine in.  Breathe.  It’s peaceful 😆

peaceful 6

What does peaceful mean to you?

peaceful 11

(peace quote taken from google images)

Stop by Jake’s blog at jakesprinters to see more peaceful images.  Take the time to breathe and have a peaceful week.