A quick stop at the Animal Shelter in Atlantic City found us in a kennel fiercely inhabited by pitbulls and variations on that theme.  The dogs are beautiful beasts, don’t misunderstand me, but they frighten me.  They are powerful pups that seem to have super strength, and unless we’re talking Super Heroes, it spooks me to walk by each kennel and witness a show of all that testosterone – male or female!

But there’s a place for every pup, and I hope they find their niches.

Outside the building, there’s a sign that gives the public information about the clinic.

pit bull poster

The sign features a pitbull saturated in some gorgeous teals, yellows, greens, purples, and pinks.  Now this sign might – and the operative word is might – sway me to rethink my position on these magnificent canines.  But none of the dogs inside were coated in these pretty pastels, so, I think for now I’ll need to pass.

pit bull close up

How do you feel about these precious pups?

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