I’ll tell you a little secret.  Every time I see the title for a new post – ANY POST – I think, “Where am I going to find that?”  Or, “I don’t have anything like that!” Or, “Girl! Your ‘archives’ as I’ve heard many call them, don’t have anything that even closely resembles that.”  Let me just tell you, as I sit here typing, that I am thrilled that I am in the possession of something called “archives”!  It sounds so professional, and if I had a bucket list, being professional at something would be on it.

So I figure, I’m getting on my bike and touring around town, and I’m going to find something purple to put in my ‘archives” (*giggle* I love that word!) if it kills me!

Now, picture this (no pun intended).  I start to gather myself up for what I figure to be a long ride.  I grab my camera and Jeff…

(My dear, sweet friend Meghan gave me that beautiful, colorful strap when I retired this year)

And we prepare to peddle off onto the streets of Brigantine…

(I swear the pedicure came before the title of the weekly challenge)

Jeff on his silver bike and me on my Schwinn…

The whole time I’m thinking, “PURPLE! Where am I going to find “PURPLE”? …

So we ride.  And we ride.  Picture this…again, no pun intended.  It’s like 100 degrees, I am pushing 61, and, dang! I’m thirsty!  So we make a quick pit stop, and I take a few gulps out of the water bottle I brought from home.

And as I’m sucking down a cool, refreshing mouthful of Wegman’s Spring Water (I know I’ve told you I LOVE Wegman’s), there it was – PURPLE!


Not that I spotted that shiny, old beauty.  That was Jeff.  Maybe you’re starting to get the drift of just how observant I really am.

Now I’ve got my picture and I’m weary, so I suggest that we head back home.  On the way we stopped for some ice cream…

Because, after all.  I worked hard for that shot.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple