Revel panorama

There’s a new casino in town.  Well, maybe not new.  But as the AT&T guy says in the commercial: new-ER.  This week, I thought I’d concentrate on  one place for Dawn’s Lingering Look at Windows.  Just because there are so many of them.  And don’t ask.  NO!  I don’t do windows.  But you might want to DO AC.  It’s an interesting place to visit.  Bring a camera!

Revel windows 1

Revel windows 2

Revel windows 3

The following is a view from the inside, out.

From the lobby to the ocean in one easy hop!

From the lobby to the ocean in one easy hop!

And the inside has a wet-your-whistle window display…

A plethora of liquor-a!

A plethora of liquor-a!

If you should be passing through on your way to, wherever, stop by.  You are always Welcome in New Jersey.

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We’ve been challenged with stairs and steps this week and Cee @ has definitely stepped it up with this theme.  I’m way behind with posting and picturing, so I’ll just get on with it.  Sit back and relax.   No climbing necessary.

The last shot was some of what Hurricane Sandy destroyed.  Sadly, there is still a lot of work to be done.   When the stairs are replaced, I’ll be sure to get a shot of them.  Meanwhile, click on the icon below to visit Cee’s blog and check out more interesting stair/step photos.



When I first read the title of Jake’s new challenge, this is what came to mind…

Now that I’ve got that song in my head (and possibly you do too – don’t thank me), these are some of my choices for reflection.

Reflection in the Atlantic

Fishing boat heading out – Atlantic City, NJ

Sun and more reflecting off of Revel Casino, AC, NJ

And of course, beach reflection of two out of three grand kids 🙂

Clouds, welcome arch, and Pedro reflecting off of my car at South of the Border, North Carolina/South Carolina 

My son and reflections off of the Apple Headquarters, NYC

OK.  I’m done reflecting for now.  Hope you saw something pleasing to the eye, and thanks to Jake for another fun challenge. Click on the dragon to take in more reflections.

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There’s a bug in the system, or somebody dropped the ball, or I’m just out of the loop – nothing new to me – but I did not see any WordPress Weekly Challenge in my email.  Luckily, Ailsa, at Where’s My Backpack, stepped up to the plate and offered to run the show.  She posted the Challenge herself and people are joining in droves.  So here’s my contribution to REFLECTION and it would definitely behoove you to click here and get transported to Ailsa’s blog, and many more amazing reflections.

This is REVEL.  The newest casino in Atlantic City, NJ.  My husband worked at wiring this giant hunk of reflection for phone and wifi connection.

And, on a sentimental note, for all you mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day.


Sunday Post


A shot from high above a stairway in Atlantic City’s newest casino – Revel. This was taken from the 45th floor. Those cute boots to the left belong to my cute husband. They have nothing to do with the post, but I like the way they look there.

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