A while back, I went out to the garage and lifted the door with the intent to retrieve my car.  My husband had left his motorcycle helmet on my son’s soccer net that was situated behind the vehicle.  Imagine my surprise when I spotted this nestled in the helmet.  There was no way I was going to disturb this delicate situation.  Instead, every couple of days, camera in hand, I chronicled the birth of these baby robins.  Our garage had been broken into and a window that hadn’t been fixed yet made a great entrance for the momma bird.

The photos aren’t the best, but it was tough trying to focus with the momma squawking at me every day.  Obviously, the helmet had been rendered useless, and since I don’t know nothing ’bout birthin’ no babies, I let nature take it’s course. The delicate little bird below was injured after his siblings had flown the coop.  This little guy was stuck in the soccer net.  I pulled on a pair of gloves and tried to free him, but he struggled so.  You can see the wing on the left was most certainly not as it should have been.  I went inside to get a blanket, but when I returned, he was gone.  I searched and searched and all I can hope is that he hid himself in the bushes, away from any prowling cats or other predators.


Nature has its own delicate way of taking care of things.  I can only hope he made it to safety.

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