My mom, husband, sister, and I were taking a leisurely stroll on the beach when I spotted this little angel romping at the waters edge.  She was trying, desperately, to drag a styrofoam boogie board into the miniscule waves that were breaking on the sand.  She was working hard, but the wind and water were working against her.  We observed for a moment, giving mom a rest, then continued on our way.  I regretted not taking a picture, but that’s just me.  I tend to sometimes realize the moment when the moment has passed.

On our way back, as is usually the case with me and photographs, luck was with me.  So I clicked.

We found her resting after her ordeal, and no, that was not the board she was trying to get into the water. 🙂  I decided, even without knowing her, that she looked like she might be a free spirit.  With her whole future ahead of her, and as many opportunities as there are grains of sand on the beach.  She is bound for big things, soaring free to be whatever she chooses to be.  You go, girl!


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