Apparently several family members have different ideas about how and where to relax.
Phoenix, our feline, prefers my jacket and the couch.

Rocky, our shepherd, thinks my yoga mat is the way to go.


Jeff swears we will retire to South Carolina and Fripp Island is the place that convinced him of this.  Soooooo relaxing.

Jeff contemplating retirment

And, after a week’s stay in the hospital with double pneumonia, the flu, and congestive heart failure, my mom has found her niche in our home.  This is her new place to relax. Thankfully, she is doing a little better every day. This is momma in her sanctuary.

Now I need a place for me to relax!
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This challenge really had me going.  I was starting to think I was tradition-less. (Is that a word?)  As I told Ailsa, of  wheresmybackpack, whose challenge I am attempting to enter my post in, I didn’t know if I’d be participating in this one.  But she was her cute, little, adorable, helpful self and encouraged me not to fret.  She made a few suggestions, all of them appropriate 🙂 and told me to hang in there and not to give myself a headache. which I was.  “There’s always next week,” she told me.  Now I am a procrastinator.  That’s a fact.  But I’m not a quitter.  So,  here’s the one and only traditional event that occurs in  my life.  Everything else is fly by the seat of my pants.

When time and finances allow, we like to spend Christmas with our grand children (If you’ve seen pictures of them on other posts, you’ll know why.  They are way too cute!)  This takes us to Georgia. (The U.S. kind, not the European-by-the-Black Sea kind).

But, I’m not a flyer, so we drive.  My husband will fly, but he apparently loves me (this is what he tells me) because he will make that trip via auto every time.  This takes us about 14 hours. I contribute to the driving, but not on a 50/50 level.  More like 80/20, me being the, yes, you guessed it, the 20%.

Now it’s a little out of the way, but we make a pit stop about 12 hours into the trip, in Charleston, South Carolina.  This is where we, ultimately, wish to spend our Golden Years. (OK, we are already one leg into our Golden Years, but we’re not ready for no-work- at-all retirement, so living in  S.C. will have to wait.)

This pit stop and the family visit is as close to tradition in our lives as we get.

You gotta just love Christmas in S.C. or the Fourth of July or my birthday or, well, you get my drift.  These are some of my favorite pix.

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Then there’s the traditional unwrapping of gifts.

You know.  When you get the dreaded green jacket, or pj’s, or superhero underwear.

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